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6 Erotic Experiments In Love Free download ✓ 5 6 EROTIC EXPERIMENTS IN LOVE This compilation of five novellas and one short story is a highly entertaining collection of hot erotic tales of love And Jesse Casavant is making them available in one big ebook that spans than 400 standard sized pagesThe compilation begins with “Running Anonymous” a tale about a female psychiatrist who decides in the name of research to dress in full niab and walk the streets of a large American city What does she find on those streets How does she feel as she walks among fellow Americans completely masked from their sight And what man could fall in love with a woman who refuses to reveal her face all in the name of research“Dragon Skin – Book 1” the first book in a set of two is a historical tale of ard sword wielding lovers an unconuerable dragon magic and love Tightly laced into soft skintight magical doeskins that completely enclose our lovers from head to foot wearing full suits of glowing armor over their skins our two heroes fight the dragon and make hot and nurturing love along the way You won't figure out what the real dragon in this tale is until you nearly finish the book“Dragon Skin – Book 2” the second book in the duo is a contemporary tale that i.

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6 Erotic Experiments In Love Free download ✓ 5 Nvolves those souls who reincarnate from the Medieval tale in book 1 Our hero is tortured by his lover's behavior As they fall in love he nearly goes crazy over her outrageous insistence on wearing a foam rubber dragon mask at all times refusing to show her face to him as they slowly get to know each other Convinced he will no longer love her if she unmasks she plays this emotionally dangerous game until it's almost too late But unknown to our heroine our hero has tools of deduction most do not There are clues along the way that just might help you the reader solve this mystery as you read this erotic romance to its fascinating conclusion“The Tuareg” opens with a veiled warrior of the desert And he refuses to show his American visitor a woman who just graduated from medical school his face Even when they make love he remains veiled She falls in love with her beautiful warrior but she knows the relationship will tank uickly if he doesn't reveal himself What secret is her beautiful masked man hiding from her We find out in this well researched tale about Tuareg life on the desert“Cyborg Darling” is a sci fi tale about a desperate man who asks his ex lover for help in finding his kidnapped brother who.

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6 Erotic Experiments In Love Free download ✓ 5 M he is sure has already been turned to cyborg by slavers As cover he asks his ex lover to disguise herself as a cyborg as the two go searching And as they search they reconnect emotionally in a most unusual but romantic way This exciting erotic romance gives us a taste of how a true cyborg might behave and as Kat continues to act her part she falls in love with Jammer her beautiful fanged alien ex lover all over again“Free Me My Love” is the last offering in this compilation and our heroine is in for a rugged time of it She loves her husband but she no longer has the desire to love him physically But her problem isn't physical; it's purely emotional She's hurting and her husband knows it How then can her husband subject her to bondage something she thought she'd never submit to And just how can these extreme measures help our heroine find her way back to her loving and caring husbandJesse Casavant has never written a story with a bad ending If you read any Casavant tale you will always be satisfied with the story at the last turn of the page Like those loved romances of Jane Austen the hero and heroine always fall in love but the journey of getting to that point is what Casavant's readers enjoy so muc.

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