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History of China and the Chinese People

History of China and the Chinese People characters Ñ 100 This book is about China and the Chinese people tracing the history of China and her people from the earliest times to the modern age Chinese history holds many lessons for the modern reader and provides insights into the motivations and cultural drivers of one of the world’s “indispensable nations” Chinese history – as expressed in written form dates back at least 3300 years Modern archeological investigations have provided evidence of an even ancient history one that is thought to have flourished between 2500 and 2000 BC geographically bounded by what is today known as central China and along the lower Yellow River Valley of northern China With such findings China enters the rare ranks of civilizations that have demonstrated a cultural continuity spanning than 4000 yearsThis.

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History of China and the Chinese People characters Ñ 100 S in China•Emperor Guangxu and The Hundred Days' Reform •The Boxer Rebellion The Yihetuan Movement•The Republican Revolution of 1911•Republican China•Nationalism and Communism China’s Role in World War One•Mao Zedong Enters History•The Nationalists Take Control of China•Rise of the Communists•War Against Japan•The Yalta Conference•Civil War After World War Two•Establishment of the People’s Republic of China•The Korean War•National Reforms •The Transition to Socialism •The Great Leap Forward •1961 to 1965•The Cultural Revolution •Militant Phase of the Cultural Revolution •The Ninth National Party Congress •The Closing of the Mao Zedong Era •China After Mao Zedong •The Four Modernizations •China Today•Examining the Legacy of Mao Zedo.

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History of China and the Chinese People characters Ñ 100 Book contains the following chapter divisions•Ancient History and Ancient Dynasties •The Legendary Xia•The Shang Dynasty •The Zhou Dynasty•The Hundred Schools of Thought•The First Imperial Period•The in Dynasty•The Han Dynasty•The Wang Mang Period•The Han Reassert Control•Era of Disunity and Four Hundred Years of Warlord Rule•The Three Kingdoms•The Sui and Restoration of Empire•The Tang Dynasty•The Song Dynasty•The Mongolian Invasions•The Yuan Dynasty The First Non Chinese Dynasty to Rule China•The Ming Dynasty The Chinese Regain Control •The Rise of the Manchus ing Dynasty•The Emergence of Modern China•Arrival of The Western Powers•Christianity in China•Drug Wars •The Taiping Rebellion •The Self Strengthening Movement•Foreign Power.

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