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    download Lessons in Obedience free download  eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Felicity Ray Kyles Felicity Ray Kyles æ 3 review This could have been a five star for the story but unfortunately there are lots of writing mistakes in this three storiesSuch a pityThree hot stories first one about two friends one becoming a dog and she is soon embracing her new life as a puppy The other turned in to a horse but not willing to be one End of

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review Û Lessons in Obedience Og He collars her and makes sure she learns her lessons She starts to play fetch drinks from a bowl and does any number of tricks to amuse her owner As each day passes Becky feels herself surrender a little It’s easy especially when her Master rewards her with such delicious orgasms every time she does what he wants Next Mesmerized Puppy is the tale of one woman who needs some training Amanda is the neighborhood bitch and she’s taken it upon herself to control everyone through the local homeowners’ association But when she meets Jacob everything changes He starts with a healthy dose of hypnosis brainwashing Amanda until she feel compelled to follow his every whim That means a collar and a leash He will also find some uses for that cute mouth of hers Every time Amanda tries to retake control she just loses of her dignity If she isn’t careful Jacob might decide to keep her as a house pet After all he could always use a beautiful woman to fetch his slippers Last Jennifer and David are rivals She just can’t stand him not when he’s so charismatic and relaxed with.

free download  eBook or Kindle ePUB æ Felicity Ray KylesLessons in Obedience

review Û Lessons in Obedience This collection is intended for a mature audience only Here are three stories of young women who end up collared milked or bridled Although they might start out as arrogant brats they’ll learn the meaning of obedience It might reuire lots of orgasms spankings or even nefarious punishments but these girls will become docile pets Becky thinks she deserves the best clothes and makeup Plus she really enjoys having all of the men around her dote on her She needs to be the hottest girl in the room and that can get expensive Unfortunately for her she decided to borrow money from some bad people So when Becky can’t pay they decide to get their investment back in another way Becky and Tamara think they’ve won a free trip only to wake up to a brand new world Stripped of their clothing they’re about to lose their dignity as well Becky and Tamara find themselves on a very special kind of farm Here women are the animals Collared and leashed or harnessed they are trotted about and treated like dogs cows or horses Becky’s new Master decides she would make an excellent puppy d.

Felicity Ray Kyles æ 3 review

review Û Lessons in Obedience His students She thinks he’s acted inappropriately except she’s about to learn the true meaning of good behavior David asks Jennifer to visit him at his ranch so she can learn how to become closer to nature When she arrives he asks her to listen to some music and that’s when everything changes She doesn’t realize it at first but the songs are hypnotic They put her in a trance She zones out to specialized images She’s got a bit and bridle in her mouth She’s a pony and she runs for her master She’ll do anything to please him When she wakes up Jennifer is in a stall bound and bridled just like in her dreamsonly they weren’t dreams And now Jennifer has to find a way off the farm If she can’t she might end up like Sun Beam another pony girl who has already surrendered to complete domestication Publisher’s Note This 57000 word anthology contains explicit content which some readers may find objectionable Adult themes include puppy play cow play pony play bondage hypnosis spankings and erotic humiliation All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

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