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Download ↠ Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) 104 Ever there is one secret they try to hide a secret that could destroy their lives as they know it They are vampiresWhen a strange girl comes to town for her grandfather's funeral new i. So I am trying to figure out what to say about this book it is a 4 star book The story in itself is amazing and very thrilling I am a busy women with a full time job family university studies so I normally only have a little bit of time to read every day BUT the big BUT here this book captured me right away so instead of reading one chapter I was 75 80% into the book when I had to put it down for the nightmorning The story capture the reader right away and you get so involved with the characters in the book and you start to feel for them very uickly The character development is also really good and was something I really enjoyed They where not uniue but I didnt get bored off them either they where perfect for the story even if there are a fe

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Download ↠ Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) 104 Nformation is uncovered There is a chance the Vasiles and all other vampires will know a day when they can become human and break the blood curse that has plagued vampires for centurie. Christoph Vasile s family owns a funeral home in Fredericton Virginia which is perfect for the family of vampires They do what they can to stay under the radar and sometimes get assistance with bodies from their friend Vlad Talia Braxton s grandpa has just died and had his funeral at Vasile s Funeral Home She meets Christoph and is intrigued by him and wants to get to know him betterBut for Talia and Christoph danger lurks as someone else is interested in Talia and will do whatever it takes to make her his or not allow her to be with anyone else Can Christoph keep Talia safeThis was a super interesting book and I loved seeing the two different worlds come together I kind of had a feeling how everything would turn out and I wasn t disappoint

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Download ↠ Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) 104 All families have secretsSome families have secrets worth dying forThe Vasile family owns a funeral home in Frederickton Virginia For the most part life in this small town is ideal How. Possibly spoilers may be mixed into this reviewThree stars seems like a harsh rating but as the goodreads ratings go its stands for I liked it which I didI really enjoyed the premise of this book and the characters I am a huge vampire fan and these vampires did not disappoint And I am excited to see how the whole vampire being a curse that can be reversed thing plays out in the following books A few things I would like to see in the next book would be a lot details especially details using the five senses a lot of things were just stated when if described in detail would ve put me in the characters place a bit I d also like to see character development More of what the characters look like and also how the characters grow to like each ot