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  • War by Other Means
  • Carlota McAllister
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  • 06 May 2020
  • 9780822354932

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READ War by Other Means REVIEW War by Other Means 107 Between 1960 and 1996 Guatemala's civil war claimed 250000 lives and displaced one million people Since the peace accords Guatemala has struggled to address the legacy of war genocidal violence against the Maya and the dismantling of alternative projects for the future War by Other Means brings together new essays by leading scholars of Guatemala from a range of geographical backgrounds and disciplinary perspectivesContrib.

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War by Other Means

READ War by Other Means REVIEW War by Other Means 107 N in richly drawn localities War by Other Means provides a nuanced reckoning of the injustices that made genocide possible and the ongoing attempts to overcome them Contributors Santiago Bastos Jennifer Burrell Manuela Camus Matilde González Izás Jorge Ramón González Ponciano Greg Grandin Paul Kobrak Deborah T Levenson Carlota McAllister Diane M Nelson Elizabeth Oglesby Luis Solano Irmalicia Velásuez Nimatuj Paula Wor.

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READ War by Other Means REVIEW War by Other Means 107 Utors consider a wide range of issues confronting present day Guatemala returning refugees land reform gang violence neoliberal economic restructuring indigenous and women's rights complex race relations the politics of memory and the challenges of sustaining hope From a sweeping account of Guatemalan elites' centuries long use of violence to suppress dissent to studies of intimate experiences of complicity and contestatio.