The Lady of the Portals E–book/E–pub

The Lady of the Portals

review ☆ The Lady of the Portals “When Kin started to have strange dreams she did not give too much thought about them There was the case of the strange man who came down the stairs in her dream and she met him later in real life Also the dream with a woman with a broken car on the highway and the next week she saw the scene in real life while driving As the years went by she understood something interesting her dreams which were happening later.

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review ☆ The Lady of the Portals In real life were not to make her a clairvoyant witch or even a sorceress The goal was to prepare her for what she would become The ones showing her these events before they happened were not spirits ghosts or anything like that They were real They were alive And they came to present her with the most extraordinary story of her life She never saw heard or read anything like what she was about to witness She was tr.

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review ☆ The Lady of the Portals Ansported in a dream to another dimension where they informed her that she was being prepared for that trip all her life in her dreams The story she witnessed revealed an incredible truth about her origin and about other living beings on planet Earth Because at that moment Kin “The Lady of the Portals” was introduced to the 3 women with incredible powers who would be for that moment on part of her entire life?.

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