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  • Hardcover
  • 310
  • Smoky The Cowhorse
  • Will James
  • English
  • 10 February 2020
  • 9780684128757

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Smoky The Cowhorse Summary µ 8 Himself a cowboy and rancher tells this story with the warmth that only love of an animal can inspir. I read this book to my little girl who is now 26 when she was in the elementaryfirst learning to readIt s a good horse book telling the life of Smoky and that part I think is what fascinates childrenHow he starts off shy and timidBut when he s moved to the working ranch He toughens up gets stronger

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Smoky The Cowhorse Summary µ 8 T his favorite pony Smoky who lived a full horse's life in cow country in the early 1900sWill James. Winner of the 1927 Newbery Medal this children s novel about a mouse colored cow horse named Smoky has been favorably compared to that classic and pioneering pony story Black Beauty and I think the pairing is rather apt Both books follow the same basic narrative trajectory beginning with a horse whose owners are responsible and kind following him through his early years of prosperity and well being his traumatic middle years suffering at the hands of less enlightened human beings and his eventual reunion as a broken down older horse with his original keepercompanion Both books do an excellent job of capturing the horse s perspective and both offer a moving portrait of their euine heroes and the humans they encounterOf course Smoky The Cow Horse is set in the ranching country of the western United States in the early years of the twentieth century and Black Beauty in nineteenth century England While Black Beauty is a saddle horse to begin with anyway Smoky spends his first few years in the wild before being broken as a working horse And my how beautifully James captures that early time in Smoky s life the dynamics of the wild horse herd the instincts of a young colt The writing here is highly idiomatic a sort of westerncowboy dialect that while not correct English has a poetic and highly descriptive uality to it Many readers seem to have had trouble with James language but I found that after a period of adjustment it really resonated with me and added to the beauty of the storyThere are many things I enjoyed about this book from the language to the characters and I will not soon forget the understated pathos of the love that develops between Smoky and Clint the cowboy who breaks the high spirited horse in and becomes his only human friend The mistreatment that Smoky suffers after being stolen by a brutal horse thief and eventually turned into a rodeo attraction was very difficult to read about and even the happy ending with its reunion of horse and man can t uite take away its sting The illustrations done by James himself are absolutely delightful although I found myself wishing that I had an older edition rather than this 1970s reprint so I could see them as color plates rather than black and white reproductionsIn short this was in many ways an excellent book and had it not been for one thing I might have awarded it four stars And that thing is the racism to be found in the portrait of the breed the mixed race horse thief who steals Smoky The constant references to his dark facecomplexion the way this is tied to his brutal treatment of Smoky seems too pointed to borrow a friend s word for it to be dismissed as simply of the times Especially when one considers that the inhumane vegetable seller who ends up owning Smoky Cloudy by then towards the end of the story is also described as dark skinned When James describes the horse thief as a degenerate halfbreed and not fit to be classed amongst humans it s a difficult thing to overlookThankfully the section involving the horse thief I refuse to call him the breed is short But although I wouldn t say it was the focus of the story the racism is pronounced enough that it is a real detraction from the book s appeal This is one I would recommend only to mature horse book lovers who are old enough to have a discussion about the unfortunate racism to be found within its covers either with a parent or a teacher

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Smoky The Cowhorse Summary µ 8 If you'd like to meet a real cow puncher you'll enjoy Clint the bronc peeler He'll tell you all abou. So glad I m finally done with this bookThe written in dialect thing is interesting and occasionally even poetic and I might have thought this was a fairly good book if it was really really short But 300 pages of double negatives and other grammar mistakes was hard to wade throughAs others have said it does get interesting in the last 100 pages there s a story but it s still not that great and there s a dreadful racial stereotype evil halfbreed MexicanAfrican American always referred to as the halfbreed or the breed that I can t really write off as being the times because it s so pointed and vile Others have said it s sexist but I don t agree about that the one female character is a well meaning horse girl and I thought she was depicted with surprising insight and sympathyI shudder to think what parents and teachers would say if a book with such bad grammar was awarded a Newbery today