[Marshmallow Skye] Kindle á Cathy Cassidy

  • Hardcover
  • 260
  • Marshmallow Skye
  • Cathy Cassidy
  • Finnish
  • 22 February 2020
  • 9789510395004

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Free read  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Cathy Cassidy Cathy Cassidy ´ 0 Download Download Marshmallow Skye Aveisii. Notice I rated this five star I loved it It is such a briliant book Some parts that stick in my mind are when Alfie buys Summer the clip and Skye is watching Alfie when Alfie tries so hard to be cool and get noticed by Summer in a way that isnt Ew A whole doughnut all in one go but in a good way Its a perfect read for when you want to curl up with a hot chocolate and fluffy slippers when it s raining Or even snowingAnd people can relate to the characters Some thingsA I love the idea of The chocolate box Toffee apple truffle Yes B The cover is asweomeC I really liked the theme of Summer and Skye s party It was great And Charlotte Skye and Summer s mum and Paddy Cherry s dad make SUCH a cute coupleAnyway overall I can say that I would like to live in Tanglewood

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Free read  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Cathy Cassidy Cathy Cassidy ´ 0 Download Download Marshmallow Skye Skye ei. 4 Out of 5 Skye Tanberry feels like she s constantly living in her identical twin s shadow Skye loves Summer than anything But she s tired of feeling second best like a mirror girl So when Skye finds a trunk full of beautiful old clothes belonging to a long dead relative she sees an opportunity to be different Only when she tries the dresses on she has dreams Dreams that feel real Dreams in which she doesn t feel herself Dreams in which she is Clara Travers her dead relative dead by suicide And then she finds herself falling in love with an eually long dead gypsy boy a boy who probably is just a figment of her imagination But is he After all Clara did love a young gypsy boyMarshmallow Skye was a beautiful heart warming chocolate filled story about finding yourself with a scrummy side of an impossible romance a tragic death finding freedom whether from a cage or your family and a wonderful supernatural twist And I was lift feeling all warm and suidgy inside much like the namesake sweeties marshmallows I loved this book I m now desperate for Cherry Crush and Book Three Whoever s story it may be I know I know it will be fantastic Fingers crossed for Honey by the way Plus Too CuteSkye Tanberry was wonderful rather mature and really sweet I just instantly fell in love with her voice her kindness how devoted she was to her twin She was addicted to history something I loved plus her fashion sense was awesome history inspired She was kind of a realist but she was so supportive and caring But poor Skye felt like she was living in Summer s shadow like she was second best and always would be How wonderful she thought her twin was just ate away her confidence She was sometimes jealous of Summer I mean she felt like the shadow twin useless and dull compared to Summer I felt so sorry for her Because she wasn t She was wonderful I loved Skye Her twin Summer was uiet confident and addicted to ballet She was also a real feminist woman power means that boys and romance euals trouble But she wasn t nearly as supportive of Skye as Skye was for her She just didn t understand that some things were as important to Skye as ballet was to her I think she thought that identical twins were identical in all ways and she struggled when she realises that wasn t true At one point I wanted to just yell at Summer and shake her like can t you see how much you are hurting Skye But then she just changed in my eyes I love characters that do that that become so strong you just can never tell where they re going Skye and Summer were identical twins The first thing they did when they were born was hold hands how cute They finished one another s sentences felt what the other felt But recently everything had changed It had always been we now there was you and me It was so interesting seeing how the twin whole twin thing works and how their relationship developed The rest of the sisters were vastly different from one another each felt like they had their own distinct personality Fourteen year old Honey who used to be the coolest sister ever but since the whole Cherry Shay and Dad moving to Australia had been off the rails Even though she wasn t always likeable I really liked how she said what she thought Cherry Costello the new sister was really sweet and really worried about fitting it Cherry was super smart and wise and cool I loved her Eleven year old Coco was cute all hyper and rather funny She was really excitable bouncy cheerful and full of life Plus animal mad I like this kidFinally Alfie Anderso the class clown cheerful a joker who played bad practical jokes Gotta give it to the boy he was darn determined Stubborn bordering on stupidity And he was so so cute and hilarious Love him The whole story was just wonderfully writing It really felt like a teen I could feel Skye if that makes any sense Sometimes it did feel a little formal But in my opinion that was Skye She wasn t your average teen She s special and uniue and the writing was her It was so beautiful And I just loved the supernatural aspects to the story The dreams of Skye s ghostly memories or the imaginings of an overactive imagination Either way so cool and really interesting Personally Leanin towards the paranormal Call me a Mulder but some of the things Real spooky and way too coincidentalI have no clue what it was but I was addicted to Marshmallow Skye I didn t want to put it down It was heart warming sad hauntingly beautiful perfect and super ish It didn t have me on the edge of my seat I wasn t scared out of my mind It was a sweet 100% addictive story with some pretty great psychological suspense woven in there that had just left me wanting Cathy Skye Summer Cherry I can see why Cassidy is a ueen of Teen PS I loved the little pictures at the start of each chapter So cute and really pretty

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Free read  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Cathy Cassidy Cathy Cassidy ´ 0 Download Download Marshmallow Skye Usko a. I really enjoyed this book the ending especially I love how some people would be able to relate to Skye s situation and how she feels If you enjoyed other Cathy Cassidy books you will probably enjoy this one