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  • A Matter of Betrayal
  • Patti Massman
  • English
  • 06 May 2020
  • 9781583487419

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Summary À A Matter of Betrayal Enny's idealism she opts to tackle New York A would be photographer she dives into the underground pop art and drug scene hoping along the way to snag a rich husband who will give her the security and status she longs to possess Debased and broken by the heir of an industrialist family and driven by jealousy she betrays her best friend her husband and herself Only when the truth comes out as it does through Jenny's grown daughter as she returns to Vietnam to find her father can the waters calm and real healing beg.

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Summary À A Matter of Betrayal The Vietnam War; a war in which the government betrays its people the military betrays its soldiers the soldiers betray those they are assigned to protectand one woman betrays her best friend A collage of real events A Matter of Betrayal illustrates the impact of the Vietnam War on two strong willed women These women's lives and the lives of all Americans are ripped apart by the turbulent 60's and the Vietnam War taking 30 years to heal The daughter of a four star general Jenny leaves behind her sheltered life for.

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Summary À A Matter of Betrayal The front lines of a war no one understands Among the incomprehensible horrors she discovers love and then great pain as the man she loves becomes a casualty of war Upon her return to the world she is betrayed by her best friend and forced underground to protect her daughter and her own true identity Music becomes Jenny's tool for survival the way back to herself Kick is also an army brat and Jenny's best friend She takes another road leading away from the rigid world of her military parents Without an ounce of J.