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  • Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of Queen
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  • 20 December 2018
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Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of ueen review Ú 6 Their final years as Mercury became one of the most successful rock stars in the world Is This the Real Life looks beyond ueen's public persona to shed light on the legendary band's four wildly divergent personalities particularly lead singer Freddie Mercury. This look back at one of the great rock bands of the 70s and the charismatic frontman who led them to stardom is engaging but flawed This biography is mostly compiled from archived interviews with the band members and contemporary interviews with collaborators and business associates Therefore it gives very little insight into the creative process involved in the recording of most of ueen s classic albums which I found very disappointing An exception is an in depth interview with producer Reinhold Mack that went into a lot of detail about recording of The Game Blake is to be commended for the depth and breadth of research he did for this book but he fell short in places in weaving all those facts into a coherent story In particular the chapters describing the band members pre ueen musical experiences which dutifully list every band they were in and every member of every one of those bands are almost unreadable Despite its shortcomings however it s mostly entertaining and provides a revealing glimpse into the heyday of rock and roll excess It also increased my admiration for the band members for their commitment to their art and their loyalty to each other

review Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of QueenIs This The Real Life? The Untold Story of Queen

Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of ueen review Ú 6 Ambitiously driven rock bands at work and at play Revealing ueen's complex dynamic Blake also explores how Freddie Mercury's sexuality alienated some of the band's fan base how they reinvented themselves by morphing from hard rock to pop and how they saw out. If you re a devoted fan of ueen but not a scarily obsessive read every article scoured every detail fan you ll love this except for the ultra irritating errata and lousy editing in the ebook version I got the paper version cheap but haven t yet read that so whether it has the same issues or not I have yet to discover It lost a star for the latterOn the whole it s not a bad read Has a lot of the early stuff that most fans will have read about already but it does go into detail about things that hadn t been published before and into further detail on some interviews with surviving band members previously done by the author as a magazine writer It s slightly heavily weighted towards Freddie what biography of this band isn t which is a little irksome here and there as it could use a touch balance Otherwise though I did enjoy reading it and the only drag was very occasional Definitely worth a read unless you re one of the frighteningly obsessed For those who consider themselves casual fans this will teach you a lot about the band and the band members origins careers and lives in general that you may never have known or seen particularly if like this reviewer you re under thirty

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Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of ueen review Ú 6 Ueen's success in the 1970s was accompanied by a taste for musical and non musical excess Is This the Real Life draws on eyewitness testimonies former producers and managers ex girlfriends and boyfriends to create a complete picture of one of the world's most. Could have been a lot better with the story on offer It isn t particularly well written and if it hadn t been about ueen I wouldn t probably have finished it There are lots of mistakes in the text At one point it even got a ueen song title wrong What bothers me than anything though is the way John Deacon is often ignored Sure he was the uiet one But too often it goes Freddie did this Brian said that and Roger did something else And John Not mentioned And if he is mentioned it is often merely to imply that he only ever thought about the money A bassist myself with a massive debt to Deakey I was offended by this Still lots of titles in the credits which I now want to check out so at least I got something out of it