Медея и её дети (NEW)

  • Paperback
  • 255
  • Медея и её дети
  • Lyudmila Ulitskaya
  • Bulgarian
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9789545293511

Lyudmila Ulitskaya ð 4 review

Медея и её дети review Ö 104 Медея Мендес от стария гръцки род Синопли няма свои деца Нейното семейство са многобройните и братя и сестри племенници и племеннички техните стари и нови жени и мъже деца и внуци Медея оцелява в Крим след всички чистки изселвания и преселения домът и на черноморския бряг е гостоприемно отв. Unlike the barbaric heroine of Euripide s play the Medea of this novel is the nourishing matriarch of a widespread family originally Greek A tale that spans several decades with snapshots flashing back to the past where the reader is privy to the comings and goings of numerous relatives who visit Medea throughout one summer in the sixties at her parents house by the Crimean sea Adultery politics and family issues are dexterously exposed with terse style reminiscent of Ludmilla s first novel The funeral party with deftly sketched characters that revolve around a grand dramatis personae this modern Medea a childless widow who is confidante guardian and caretaker and who becomes the epicenter of the novelDuring the last years I have developed a taste for less adorned and straightforward writing style which both Nordic writers and Ludmilla s prose fit into One can find wisdom and poetry in the sparsity of their descriptions which are emotional but not sentimental and bear traces family sagas without being clich d or overwrittenIn the end I found in this Medea what I was looking for the person we all hope to become wise graceful and respectful Some uestions might never be fully answered but authors like Ludmilla shows us in uiet simple words that some events in life occur not because of unfairness but just because Such is the nature of life and happiness depends on accepting instead of fighting against it

characters Медея и её детиМедея и её дети

Медея и её дети review Ö 104 дално и трагично в живота на племенничките и лиричната Маша и чувствената Ника Тя не спасява света но подобно на майка е осиновила цял свой свят за да го защити от житейските бури и ударите на съдбата политически колизии семейни драми битови неуредици загуби предателства страсти и страдани?. i would have given this 4 stars if the first half of the book had not been so incredibly slow it was very difficult to get going but about half way in the story becomes intriguing think of this book like walking through a Portrait Museumslowly taking time to look at each individual their features the backdrop in which they are picturedthat s how the chapters in this book roll each a look at individuals in Medea s family members over time you see all of their interconnectionsfinally we get closer to Medea herself and a shocking revelation that she has enduredthis novel is another look at the definition of family love fidelity loyalty i found it v interesting to read an eastern europeanrusso pespective of these terms different than what could be described as the puritanical slant that may be pervasive in american culture

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Медея и её дети review Ö 104 орен за цялата рода Тя още от дете става майка на осиротелите си братя и сестри тя е праведница и магьосница тя живее с мистериите на живота и смъртта с хармонията и хаоса Открива че е била част от любовен триъгълник в който е замесена сестра и Александра по късно ситуацията ще се повтори огле. Writing of Ludmila Uli kaia from Medeea si copiii ei is remembering of great saga family from soth american literature House of spirits by Isabelle Allende or One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Maruez