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  • Gregory L. Mahan
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  • 04 June 2020
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A Touch of Magic Free read ë 6 M one misadventure into another Teaming up with a trio of greedy traders and a capricious imp along the way Randall must learn to master his budding power or die at the hands of the Rook. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I liked the characters and really enjoyed the descriptions of Randall learning magic The author handled that in a way that made it seem very realistic For me it became a page turner The action and pacing were well done I loved the adventures and humor and the ending had just the right blend of tension and resolution Of course my favorite character was Berry I m probably like a lot of people in hoping that there are future adventures for Randall Miller coming for us to read about in future books

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A Touch of Magic Free read ë 6 To apprenticeship by a powerful Mage Randall is forced to leave everything he knows behindWhen his mentor is killed by Aiden head of the secret police he flees for his life stumbling fro. This book ended up being much better than I d expected it to be Going into it I imagined it would be another typical young adult fantasy novel You know the type The author tries just a bit too hard to make the main character relate able to teenage boys every female character throws herself at the main character etc None of that was the case in this bookThe story follows one plot line the entire way through The entire book is focused on one character Randall Miller It doesn t jump between characters or try to introduce fifty main characters into the mix There s a main group of people who are essential to the plot sure but those who aren t essential only get a uick mention before the story moves onThe magic system was interesting and Randall s particular skill was fun though a bit on the convenient sideI loved that there wasn t any romance tacked on just to make the story appeal to a larger audience This wasn t a story about Randall s love life and the book reflects that every step of the way There s the occasional joke about how bad Randall is with girls but it never really goes beyond thatFor the final fight Randall doesn t suddenly become a super powerful god to destroy the villain He wins because the villain knows that he s much stronger than Randall Also Randall doesn t walk away from the fight unscathed He loses something in the fight and by the end of the story he still doesn t get it back There s no magical deus ex machina that makes everything the way it was He remains broken And that s the way it should be A sacrifice ceases to be a sacrifice when you can easily get back what you gave up Which is why I despise magic girl mangaanimeI even wasn t too disappointed by the way the book ends Several uestions remain unanswered like where that magic dagger came from but overall it was an decent way to end the storyI had originally thought that this was a stand alone novel but apparently a seuel is in the works Awesome

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A Touch of Magic Free read ë 6 What's a young mage to do in a land where magic is illegal and the penalty is deathAt the age of fourteen Randall Miller is surprised to learn that he has the talent for magic Tricked in. Giving up on this one 35% done This book reminds me of The Karate Kid except in this version Mr Miyagi is a nasty wizard who steals Daniel San from home through trickery moralizes non stop while he gives an underage child beer until he vomits encourages deception of others and sexual assault ignores a child s direct inuiries about the dangers of magic such as associations with the devil and when the time comes to do all of wax on wax off work around the house which comes in the form of yard work and gardening here he heals him with a magic rune instead of heating up his hands I just couldn t find anything positive about the character of Erliand and the magic training was far too extensive for me