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Liam Kingsley Ö 6 characters

Read & Download Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1 characters Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Liam Kingsley Ö 6 characters Otherwise Hail believes the ten thousand shifters that live within those walls are the only shifters anywhere in all the world He has dedicated his life to medicine; specifically to the treatment of Omega men as they suffer the second change; the death like coma that occurs when a male transitions to Omega and becomes capable of bearing children When Logan collapses his pack can’t revive him In a panic they rush to the one place in the world where a hope for treatment might exist Regis Thyme Their arrival turns Hail’s world completely upside down the fledgling alpha can’t help but crave the unpredictable Omega and nearly ruins his life in. At first I thought it was going to be a uick read you know not a ton of pages and a fast and shallow yet enjoyable read so I sighed a slightly disappointed sigh when I saw it was just over 250 pages Dang I was disappointed when it was over I wanted from Logan and Hail Maybe a couple few chapters about how Logan settled a couple passionate arguments reveals and seeing Logan s wonder at the new things that came with a life with Hail I became so invested in their lives that I felt discontented and crestfallen that the story was overLogan was hard sarcastic subtly sexy definitely damaged and very world wise Also a total badass Hail was seemingly young and naive had hope was excitable and surprisingly passionate They make a great team because Logan needs everything good that Hail offers and Hail needed adventure and the wildness that Logan embodies Hail was slightly predictable with his responses to Logan and the things that being outside Regis Thyme reuires but Logan was both predictable and refreshingly different when his responses to Hail weren t rife with biting sarcasm It gave Logan depth and interestMariella was the only stand out side character that I truly enjoyed in this book The others were definitely peripheral and could be interesting if they had their own books but for the purposes of this one it was the Logan show with Hail as a sidekick and Mariella as supporting cast There was nothing wrong with that set up not at all it was just the way it was written Although I would be interested in reading about Dr Snow He stuck out to me even though he gets a tiny amount of page time And Hail s story We get a promise of about his background but there was no follow through with it so that would be nice to haveOverall the story was exciting enjoyable and well worth the time it took to read There was passion compassion humor drama and explosions of the incendiary and pleasurable kind Absolutely full of win I read and reviewed this ARC most willingly for the author

Read & Download Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1

Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1

Read & Download Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1 characters Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Liam Kingsley Ö 6 characters You stop moving you die Such is the mantra of the shifters Eight years after the shifter epidemic first swept the globe Logan Kim undergoes his first change discovering firsthand what it truly means to be a werewolf He finds his new brethren hunted driven from their homes forced into a nomadic migratory existence to stay alive Joining a pack to ensure his own survival he slides naturally into the role of Omega Hail lives in the one place allotted to shifters in the new world Rumors say it’s a prison; a death sentence; to Hail it is merely home Regis Thyme the walled shifter reservation in an unpopulated region of Nebraska Never having learned. Hmm so this book did end up to be uite interesting I wasn t really sure when I started but the plot had intrigued me so I was willing to give it a shot And this is what I thought the start was a bit confusing because we are thrown right into the middle of a scene with no buildup or faces to imagine so I struggled for a bit there and then I was able to find my balance later onThe next bit of content is that until almost the end I was convinced that the blurb had gotten one major thing wrong that Logan was actually the alpha and Hail the omega Their actions and behaviour surely pointed to that fact But then I remembered that where Logan had grown in the cruel outer world Hail had been sheltered for most of his life and that causes us to doubt the statements in the blurbOther than this the story that the authors weaved is actually uite interesting Not deep not really but interesting And the reason why it stayed interesting and not confusing is the smart insight the author had of not heaping too many characters on us readers to remember on top of understanding their shifter world So thank you for thatI loved Logan and I uite adored Hail and how he tackled Logan s walls and was able to coax him out of hiding I won t say I understand how the romance developed between them because the major part was Regis Thyme itself and the hunters everything relating to the shifters But I have high hopes for the next book My interest has held throughout and I am hopeful that the second book will be better and romance oriented

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Read & Download Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1 characters Burning Transgressions Shifter City #1 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Liam Kingsley Ö 6 characters A moment of weakness Suspicion clashes with insatiable sexual desire as the two wolves appraise one another After Logan’s recovery the four newly arrived shifters pledge to spread the word Regis Thyme is a safe place Hail drawn by his unrelenting lust for Logan insists upon joining them Out in the wild world the fight for their very survival only intensifies Hail’s yearning for Loganand a drunken mistake leaves Logan with a problem that he never thought he would have to face Burning Transgressions is thrilling and evocative 50000 word paranormal mpreg romance with intense steamy sexual scenes This one’s not for kidsnor for the faint of hea. 375 Stars It was ok I like that Logan was tough but I do wish he did end up showing a little emotion with Hail or even with Sven but I think the 2 things that bothered me the most would be that1 you don t get to the birth part and you don t know whether it s a girl or a boy or even its nameAnd 2 I am failing to see why Logan has to do community service for five yearsOh and also I wish Logan would have apologized to Jos about well if you read the book then you ll know what I m talking about