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  • Sworn (Dragon School #5)
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  • 22 March 2020
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READ Sworn (Dragon School #5) DOWNLOAD Sworn (Dragon School #5) 100 Sarah K.L. Wilson É 0 DOWNLOAD Things are heating up With expulsion from Dragon School and the life of a friend hanging in the balance Amel Leafbrou. The only negative thing I have to say about this is that it is way too shortI love this series it is so original and packed with so much action secrets mysterious characters and there always a good taste of humour and romance No matter where she goes Amel always seems to play a big part in any situation She has been threatened by many powerful people asked to pledge her loyalty to many and forced to keep secrets that could get her and her beloved dragon killed And now there is at stake Savette is mentally injured with magic Leng is seriously hurt but sent to do work Amel is finding it really hard to keeping her friends safe But after being rescued it seems that her enemies are not who she should fear Amel is brave and clever she has grown so much since the beginning of this series and it seems she will continue to grow I have a really soft spot for Leng and I understand why he has to keep Amel and their growing relationship away for now But every gesture and every touches they make makes my heart sing But the one who I ll always love and respect is Raolcan her dragon He is wise and clever but so sassy and funny too I m loving this series Received a copy for an honest review thank you

READ Sworn (Dragon School #5)

Sworn (Dragon School #5)

READ Sworn (Dragon School #5) DOWNLOAD Sworn (Dragon School #5) 100 Sarah K.L. Wilson É 0 DOWNLOAD Yalty Can Amel navigate the political wasp's nest she finds herself in and finally secure her position in Dragon Scho. Once again Amel is underestimated and she becomes the hero Amel does what nobody else seems to be able to do yet everyone else believes her incapable of doing That being said everyone around her seems to be threatening her for answers and trying to turn her into a spy or worse Amel isn t really sure who to trust and she hasn t even learned to trust herself The only one she DOES trust is her Dragon Raolcan Even though she s surrounded by enemies people she s unsure of and friends she has to keep secrets from and for she has to rise above her physical disability and show everyone what she can bring to the table I think personally that the fact that they keep overlooking her due to her disability is going to work in her favor They seem to be convinced she can t be the one saving the day Either that or she s going to gain the attention from some very powerful people Either way she is the Hero every little girl can aspire to be I like that she refuses to lay down and give up no matter how hard things get Even when given the option to go into hiding or take what the harder path which may result in a shorter but honorable life she doesn t take the easy way out Amel stands for what is right no matter what it costs I will always root for the underdog especially when the underdog never gives up

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READ Sworn (Dragon School #5) DOWNLOAD Sworn (Dragon School #5) 100 Sarah K.L. Wilson É 0 DOWNLOAD Ght finds herself in another precarious position of choosing who to trust Worse people on all sides want her sworn lo. This was the most exciting installment so far And when I was finished I wanted to scream in frustration for not having the next book to continue I have no idea how the author does it making it better and better and exciting and action pact and intriguing I love all of her series but this one is special favourite of mine Not just of her books but in general in my top five of all timesThe story picks up exactly where it left off in the previous book Amel s situation and future are uite uncertain as she is being threatened from all sides Interestingly enough some of the treats become partnerships as the interests align Savette and Leonora are back and three of them embark on new adventures together A very interesting and unexpected turn of events bring Prince Rakturan in the forefront of action as the uneasy alliance with Amel forms Amel is brought into the spotlight as is her new mentor Hubric Hubric is an amazing character and I can t wait to see of him And there is Dominar In person Most intriguing character of all especially when he shows interest in AmelThe best part of this book is not Amel s progress as she was absolutely in perfect sync with her dragon from the first moment but the evolution of others perception of Amel It is amazing to watch how everyone else went from pity hatred dismissal underestimation to slowly recognising Amel s strength value bravery skill compassion kindness and finally giving her proper respect and acceptance that she deserves I believe her new crutch symbolises that respect and acceptance as does Dominar s reaction And of course there is Amel s beloved Raolcan the most amazing dragon of all and theirs is the most amazing connection ever shared between a dragon and his rider I often wonder how the other dragons and riders connect Is their connection as profound as the one between Amel and Raolcan or are these two specialThis amazing series only makes sense if read in order Dragon School First Flight Dragon School 1 Dragon School Initiate Dragon School 2 Dragon School The Dark Prince Dragon School 3 Dragon School Ruby Isles Dragon School 4 Dragon School Sworn Dragon School 5 Dragon School Dusk Covenant Dragon School 6 and books have been announced