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  • Connie Dial
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  • 07 January 2020
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summary Fallen Angels ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Son several police officers and even members of Josie's own familyAs the case progresses Josie realizes there aren't manyof her subordinates or bosses she can trust other than homicide detective Red Behan and Lieutenant Marge Bailey the vice supervisor; relying on them as she reluctantly takes charge of the homicide case dodging interference and political pressure from both inside and outside her department The situation isn't much better at home where her husband Jake and her talented but une. By the time she wrapped up business at Avanti s it was too late to make the last couple of clubs Josie was grateful She was tired and out of condition for the grind of real police work There was a time when she could stay up all night booking suspects change her clothes and go to court the next morning She still could if she didn t have to run the whole damn division but that was another life I thoroughly enjoyed and importantly appreciated the first two mysteries Internal Affairs and The Broken Blue Line written by Connie Dial As with past novels Connie Dial exposes corrupt police officers shady dealings and poor police work Her vast experience in narcotics undercover surveillance and Internal Affairs surveillance glows through the pages It makes the novel much stronger deeper Dial knows LA and police work rather intimately and it shows throughout this mystery As soon as I got confused along came a sentence or paragraph to bring things back into focus It was unheard of in the LAPD s modern era for an area captain to be involved hands on in a homicide investigation She knew that but it didn t matter At the moment Behan was the only subordinate except Marge she completely trusted The case is that of a young starlet found dead in a notorious party house in the Hollywood hills As detectives begin to work the case connections to the department grow increasingly uestionable and compelling Off duty officers working closely with the deceased Drugs shattered dreams and gritty Los Angeles street life seamlessly mingleDial focuses on a woman as main character Captain Josie Corsino Extremely disciplined despite disorder in her personal life Josie puts all her effort and time into her work Josie s son is a not so far successful musician and her husband a former prosecutor left to pursue private practice and personal space from their marriage Many television shows revolve around the concept of accomplished professional women with disastrous personal lives Ally McBeal Damages Not new but should continue to be addressed analyzed discussed and written about Interestingly Josie doesn t know who major celebrities are doesn t watch films yet she s the police captain in Hollywood Behind the scenes of a police officer s life never gets old Thus mysterythriller remains a popular genre Law and Order and CSI remain highly watched television programs not to mention 48 Hours Dial hits on after hours cops marriages working off duty office politics and daily minutiae Fallen Angels unravels in a slow steady spiralappeared at Entertainment Realm

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summary Fallen Angels ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Mployed son David expose her to the sort of scrutiny that could damage or even terminate her careerThe brutal killing doesn't end with Hillary's death Josie soon finds herself in those dangerous and deadly situations typically not considered suitable for an LAPD captain but she's a tough cop who can run her station and still do solid police work To catch a killer she's willing to jeopardize her position as a commanding officer and risk losing her life and possibly the husband and son she loves. LAPD Captain Josie Corsino of the Hollywood Division has a boatload of problems in this great little novel written by a woman who worked for the LAPD for 27 years First a young movie starcelebrity is murdered and the chief suspect is a city councilman s son The son just happens to be the best friend of Corsino s son There are suspicions of police corruption so she doesn t know for sure who she can trust nor does she know how high up the corruption might go And to top it all off her husband announces that he has resigned his job in the DA s office opened a private practice and needs some time to himself to think things through Any one of those troubles would flatten some people but Josie Corsino is not some peopleCorsino is not superwoman though I really like this character For one thing when she is in danger she reacts like anyone else would I have absolutely nothing in common with her except that we re both women but I identified with her because she s sensible has trouble coping sometimes and is determined to do her job well let the cards fall where they mayThe plot of this story and the police and local government characters are all believable and interesting enough to keep you turning pages I enjoyed the character of Corsino s son David as well An accomplished pianist he is floundering a bit in his early 20s as he seeks his own way The fact that his mother doesn t approve and wants him to go to a good music school Julliard comes to mind sounds just like what most mothers would doThrough all the turmoil personal and crime related both Josie Corsino stays true to her beliefs and confronts each issue with the strength of her convictions This is Dial s third novel but I believe it s the first of the Josie Corsino stories I m definitely sold and will certainly find Internal Affairs and The Broken Blue Line to read I highly recommend this book which was sent to me by The Permanent Press

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summary Fallen Angels ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Captain Josie Corsino has seen plenty of dead bodies during her twenty one years with the Los Angeles Police Department but the discovery of Hillary Dennis's beautiful smiling corpse begins one of the most unusual and dangerous investigations of Josie's career The troubled teenage movie star is found murdered in a Hollywood Hills party house a notorious location for vice and drug orgies While the investigation provides little evidence there are plenty of suspects including a city councilman's. An interesting Police procedural story featuring a strong beautiful intelligent woman who just happened to work herself up to the position of Captain in charge of the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department where she has served for just under a year She reports to a micro manager Deputy Chief Bright nicknamed Not So by the unimpressed rank and file Her boss directed his subordinates activities without the benefit of any street experience that might have made his directions somewhat meaningful and sane Chief Bright s only skill was managing up a skilled politician that always sided with the most popular opinions of his superiors regardless of how that fit the evidence the abilities of his personnel to close cases or protect his employees Despite the difficult work environment Captain Josie Corsino loved her job and freuently spent long hours and late nights maintaining her division at the expense of her personal life with her District Attorney husband Jake and her twenty two year old unemployed musicianartist son She is called into a homicide investigation of a young beautiful girl that was shot in an expensive pad of a new lawyer that had recently moved from New York to Los Angeles Captain Bright transfers the homicide case to another division to insure he can insulate the son of his mentor and councilman Eli Goldman an acuaintance of the victim and conseuently a suspect Another murder occurs that seems connected as the victim is the talent manager of the first victim Josie finds this investigation back in her division and marshals her forces and because of the connectedness also involves her department in the first case Josie s field detectives Donnie Fricke and his partner Frank Butler shake down some snitches and discover strange ties between police officers the management chain Josie reports to and a local Mafia boss that are also tied to the murder victims Josie finds herself uestioning who she can trust and limits her investigation reports to just those she has working the cases eliminating all personnel except her direct reports that she trusts based on their mutual working history Besides the impossible working environment Josie s husband moves out citing difficulty finding himself after announcing his retirement from the D A s office Further Josie s son blames her for the suicide of his friend the councilman Goldmen s son after she and her officers finally uestioned him Josie throws herself into her work and starts the dangerous task of joining her officers in field work putting herself and her officers in dangerous territory confronting the local Mafia contingent Read this fast paced story to find out whether Josie can withstand the political storm in the LA Police Department and solve the multiple murders while trying to patch up the difficulties in her personal life Tough girl with plenty of challenges Disclosure This book was made available through LibraryThing Earlier Reviewers program for the promise of a fair review