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  • The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England
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Read & Download The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England review ✓ 104 Timothy Venning â 4 review D of Roman authority in the British Isles to the Norman Conuest of 1066 in which the very idea of England was born In The Kings ueens of Anglo Saxon England Venning examines the rulers of Anglo Saxon England beginning with the legendary leaders of the Anglo Saxon invasion as Hengest and Horsa or Cerdic. This is a book that I didn t finish I got as far as Raedwald and gave it up as not being suitable for me It could be that once you ve read a few books on a particular subject it becomes hard to find others not repetitive or not to spot where they are simplistic or in error I found this book to be a mix of doubtful information and to lack depth To begin with though it s hard to see who it s aimed at For the general reader there s not a lot in here you couldn t discover online but for the specialist reader it s too basic The author is a researcher rather than an Anglo Saxonist per se and I think it shows When he talks about Hengist he briefly refers to the demolition of this story by Dumville Bassett Origins of Anglo Saxon Kingdoms but then continues with the legend anyway and it is the same with the early kings of Wessex He acknowledges the difficulties that the early entries of the ASC present but still recounts them as if they are significant for this period rather than concentrating on the Thames valley Gewisse It may be totally fantastic the further in you get but I lost all confidence when I read the entry on Raedwald and realised that if I did find something new in here I d want to look it up elsewhere before trusting in it This one entry contained four sections that I found uestionable Some of which are arguably picky and may be because I m not the audience he is aiming at In particular his assertion that 600 610 Mercia was not yet a military power Higham argues most vigorously that it was a military power in An English Empire and even if you don t accept all of his conclusions it wouldn t have been feasible for Edwin to seek shelter there if Cearl wasn t able to offer some military deterrent to Aethelfrith He was there long enough to marry and father two kids Osfrith and Eadfrith which supports this ideaOther people may find this a very good book but it wasn t for me

Read & Download The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England

The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England

Read & Download The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England review ✓ 104 Timothy Venning â 4 review A major re examination of an important period in British history Includes such famous figures as Hengest Aethelburh Enfleda Alfred the Great and many right up to the last Anglo Saxon king Harold GodwinesonThe Anglo Saxon era is one of the most important in English history covering the period from the en. This work was written like a chronological list of biographies However each person s biography is well written and can be used for the scholar as well as the general audience who is interested in Anglo Saxon history It includes English kings from the post Roman times to the conuest of William in 1066 It also discusses their ueens and the sometimes problematic sources that give the information on them The only additions to this work that I would have liked to have seen are a map of England and some family trees

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Read & Download The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England The Kings and ueens of Anglo Saxon England review ✓ 104 Timothy Venning â 4 review And Cynric and moving on through such figures as Aethelbert of Kent the first king to be converted to Christianity and his daughter Aethelburh whose marriage began the conversion of Northumbria to Alfred of Wessex and his dynasty the Viking invasions and the last of the Anglo Saxon kings Harold Godwines. For most of the early Middle Ages England was divided into a series of kingdoms ruled over by different houses Over centuries these kingdoms were absorbed conuered and annexed to form the England we know today with many of the details of the men who ruled them subseuently lost to historyPat of the challenge for anyone seeking to study the era is sorting through this collection of names so as to understand who ruled where and when In this respect Timothy Venning s book is a useful tool Dividing the era into a series of chronologically arranged chapters he offers brief biographies in chronological order of the kings who ruled during that time as well as a few of the most notable ueens The biographies themselves vary in length with some only a paragraph long while others cover several pages Together they provide a summary of the basic facts about the monarch s life and reign with little in the way of analysis or context While a handy volume Venning provides little that is not already easily available online This may raise uestions of utility for some but for those who want a useful reference guide at hand Venning s book meets the need adeuately