Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1) [Pdf/E–book] ☆ T.A. Chase

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  • Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1
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  • 08 May 2020
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characters Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ T.A. Chase Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1 free read Ä 6 E ever found out who Tanner’s family really isWith the threat of another murder hanging over their heads Tanner and Mac will have to find a way work past their differences before the killer strikes again Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual situations graphic language and material that some readers may find objectionable malemale sexual practices violenc. If you are looking for a serial killergory plot you won t find it here I ve have read many of those kinds to last me a lifetime This is exactly how I love my MM serial killer plots The romance is always the main focus and the crime plot still there but subtle in the background that way it doesn t take over the romance part of the story Perfect

review Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1

Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1

characters Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ T.A. Chase Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1 free read Ä 6 Bureau and became a profiler to catch bad guys Also it might have a little do with making up for the evil caused by his family’s business When he’s called in to consult on a serial killer case in Houston Tanner never expects to meet Mac The handsome Texas Ranger brings to mind hot sweaty nights wrapped in each other’s arms yet Tanner knows Mac would walk away if h. 1 star for basic plot 1 star for basic characters and star for potentialThe blurb of this novel really drew me in yet as I m finding often than I would like with this particular author I was left feeling that the novel could have been a lot better than it really wasview spoilerThe basic plot had lots of potential as did both MCs yet both the plot and the characters failed to fulfill it I found the whodunnit was actually fairly obvious as was the big secret that Tanner was hiding Even when Tanner s secret was actually revealed the tension was virtually non existant and what was there drained away so rapidly that I thought I had imagined it Mac a gay man still in the closet with his work colleagues was is danger of being outed but this too fizzled out rapidly and became an annoyance than anything else Even the traditional homophobic ale was a caricature Last but not least all I can say about the conclusion is that it certainly anti climatic hide spoiler

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characters Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ T.A. Chase Borderline Delarosa Secrets #1 free read Ä 6 Mac Guzman is a Texas Ranger and lead detective on a serial killer case rocking the city of Houston He’s willing to take help from anyone especially when it comes in the form of the gorgeous FBI profiler Tanner Wallace Mixing business with pleasure has never been an option for Mac but he just might change his mind and seduce Tanner into his bedTanner Wallace joined the. Honestly while this might be a fine book I found myself bored It somehow comes across as unengaging despite involving an FBI profiler a Texas Ranger and a Drug Kingpin It almost seems like boredom shouldn t be possible but apparently it isEverything about this book was just OK The characters were OK The plot was OK The setting is OK The sex was on the low side of OK The mystery was OK The writing was OK though it could do with a little editingBasically while nothing was horrible it wasn t great either My biggest complaints were that the scenes from the killer s point of view were horribly cheesy and stiff The sex scenes were of the uninspired stick it in and be done kind with little foreplay or buildup and didn t inspire any of the emotions the book claimed were resulting from it The fact that Mac would risk letting the perp walk on a technicality by not recusing himself from the investigation seemed unlikely as did the fact that Tanner would risk so very much by telling Mac about his family And the writing was occasionally stiff especially in dialogue where names were used far too often to feel naturalAll in all an OK read but nothing I m going to rave about