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REVIEW à Goddess in Pyjamas Ked to the school disco by Colin Drummond the Archgeekon of Geekdom stalked by a weird boy and glared at by an even weirder looking supply teacher She hates her new secondary school That night Venus wakes up with an overpowering urge to go outside Next thing she’s being attacked by a UFO and chased round the streets With her pet cat Pluto following at her heels she takes refuge in an empty pub The stalker boy from school now curiously clad in a spacesuit bundles her into a spacepod and it’s bye bye earth Further shocks follow when the boy reveals a third eye in his forehead and her cat turns into a six foot black panther claiming to be the High Priest of her old temple They’re taking her back to her home planet of Ventura – where’s she got this Great Destiny to fulfil She is the living reincarnation of their spiritual leader Sunev who was assassinated many centuries ago by the Chagrinians – an evil reptilian race from the planet’s underground ocean Pluto transported her soul to earth to be re incarnated then turned into a domestic pet to look after her Now the.

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REVIEW à Goddess in Pyjamas Evil ‘Chags’ are back – and she’s had to be brought back ahead of Prophecy The UFO was trying to 'take her out' before she could return to Ventura and the boy got her out just in time After a scary journey through space they land on Ventura winner of 'Most Beautiful Planet in the Universe' Award several centuries running It has 3 moons a huge sun that never stops shining and a population of strange hybrid species from earth’s ancient mythology Here things like merpeople and winged humans are real It’s a tough call living up to the memory of a charismatic world leader but if Venus doesn’t fulfil her mission by tomorrow morning earth time several weeks Ventura time her soul will go to limbo forever With trusty allies Skye and Pluto Venus boldly hitches up her jim jams grasps her destiny plucks up her courage and sets off on her dangerous mission travelling through strange and shifting landscapes and pursued by the Emperor Tyranog’s terrifying beasts of war She returns to earth at dawn a different confident girl – although her pyjamas are somewhat worse for we.


REVIEW à Goddess in Pyjamas When 12 year old Venus Matthews is abducted in the middle of the night to a faraway planet to find she is the living re incarnation of their male god Sunev she just wants to go home Her parents will be worried sick and she’s got a maths test tomorrow But destiny compels her to stay and save this worldand she's only got till tomorrow morning earth time to do it ‘ Goddess in Pyjamas is great Wonderfully written with a lovely light humorous edge that feels just right I like Lucy's voice very much’ CLIFF MCNISH AUTHOR OF ‘THE DOOMSPELL TRILOGY’ ‘BREATHE’ AND ‘ANGEL’From the author of the ‘Nickolai’ series this is ‘Hitch hikers Guide’ meets ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Venus finds it really embarrassing being worshipped in her pyjamas They’re not even her best ones It’s also a bit disconcerting that her previous incarnation was a bloke and she’s a girl But according to Divine Prophecy she is The One brought back to save this world This really is the final straw after a pants day at school Venus has fallen out with her best mate been teased about being as.

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