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review Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouué ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E Times in 1843 a book which of all others if you ask for it at a foreign library you are sure to find engaged The story which has resemblences to The Little Mermaid by Andersen is descended from Melusine the French folk tale of a water sprite who marries a knight on condition that he shall never see her on Saturdays when she resumes her mermaid shape It was also inspired by a text of Paracelsus An u. This is the story of the Knight Huldbrand of Ring stetten and of Undine telling how the Knight wedded with water sprite and what chanced therefrom and how the Knight died and was buried and how Undine returned to her element beneath the Mediterranean Sea of all fairy tales the most beautiful Charming I liked the language and supernatural elements I d love to read a sapphic retelling of Undine Can be read here uote view spoiler But she would not hear of this it irked her sore Undine she said her parents had named her and Undine she still would be Now this appeared to me to be but a heathenish name not to be found in any calendar and for this reason I took counsel of a priest in the cityWith such soft speech and cozening words did she flatter him using the while such merry mockery that he could remember none of the grave arguments he thought to use against the name Undine Undine therefore was she baptizedThere by the light of the lately risen moon they saw the brook which came from the forest wildly overflowing its banks and sweeping away stones and tree trunks in its impetuous course The storm as if awakened by the tumult broke furiously from the clouds that passed swiftly over the moon the lake howled under the mad buffet of the wind the trees of the little peninsula groaned from root to topmost bough and bent dizzily over the surging waters Undine For Heaven s sake Undine cried the two men in terror Not a word came back in answer and without further thought they rushed out of the cottage one in this direction the other in that searching and calling for Undine hide spoiler

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review Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouué ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nabridged English edition of the story published in 1909 was illustrated by Arthur Rackham George Macdonald thought Undine the most beautiful of all fairy stories and the references to it in such works as Charlotte Yonge's The Daisy Chain and Louisa Alcott's Little Women show that it was one of the best loved of all books for many 19th century children Excerpted from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia . Even though I just finished this book yesterday I feel the need to write my review uickly because it s a story that seems to slide out of my mind when I would walk away from it and come back it often took me a moment to reorient myself to this strange little story Perhaps such slipperiness is appropriate for a story about a volatile water creature but everything just felt so wishy washy to me that I had trouble finding much to hold onto Undine was a spoiled child or an angelic woman The knight loved Undine passionately then loved Bertalda then Undine then and Bertalda was a selfish snob then a humble daughter a passionate friend or a deceitful hussy All said I was irritated enough with Huldebrand s inability to commit that I really thought he deserved whatever Undine s vengeful uncle could throw at himDespite it being an old story published 1811 the prose was uite easy to read and there were some moments of heartbreak and beauty As partial inspiration for The Little Mermaid it was interesting to see the comparisons a mermaid who loves a human and gains a soul a human man with a wavering heart etc But this lacks the heart of Andersen s classic which may be why it won t stay with me in the same way

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review Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouué ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ILLUSTRATED by Katharine Cameron Edited by Mary Esther Miller MacGregor and Louey Chisholm Undine is a novel by Friedrich de la Motte Fouue concerning Undine a water spirit who marries a Knight named Huldebrand in order to gain a soul It is an early German romance which has been translated into English and other languages During the nineteenth century the book was very popular and was according to Th. This is a good rendition of supernatural themes A lot of people would have taken a comic turn to it but the author proposes something serious