PDF/EBOOK (Wrapped in Crochet Scarves Wraps Shawls)

  • Paperback
  • 128
  • Wrapped in Crochet Scarves Wraps Shawls
  • Kristin Omdahl
  • English
  • 05 January 2020
  • 9781596680760

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Wrapped in Crochet Scarves Wraps Shawls Summary ã 104 Learn to create stylish scarves wraps and shawls with this fresh approach to techniue and construction that includes a variety of projects for a range of skill levels and varying time commitments Featuring new and fashionable desi. I ve been really disappointed with this book while the items pictured are lovely and there s lots of things in here I d love to make the several patterns I ve tried have all been faulty not clearly written andor needlessly difficult I m an advancedexperienced crocheter and am able to adjust to make the patterns come out right but it s been an uphill slog the entire way I would definitely not recommend this book for a beginnerAt the moment I m finishing up the Circular Wrap with Sleeves and the instructions are very unclear which is frustrating and even worse the pattern itself is at times sloppy and confusing For instance even from the diagrams it s clear to see there are unworked stitches just left dangling in the arm holes bc the pattern is worked in a circle the final rowstitch doesn t connectslip stitch to the first stitch in the row and in fact ends a row higherlooks like the row just ends in the middle of the arm hole In theory this gets fixedpicked up when attaching the sleeve but it s sloppy Another example the patterns says to hdc in each of the stitches of the arm hole well part of those stitches are the SIDESends of dc rows Do I hdc in the sides of those stitches if so how many stitches they are dcs so in theory I d do two The pattern doesn t say and doesn t give a count for how many stitches there should be when you are done going around the opening Not helpful Third Example the arm hole stitches that I m hdcing into don t line uparen t at the same row heightlevel and there are some gapsplaces where the stitches aren t connected to each other from the way the garment is constructed The pattern doesn t address this at all In order to smoothly go around so that the ending stitch could be slip stitched to the first stitch I first had to go through and SC in some of the lower stitches those that were in a previous round to get everything up to the same heightrow level this was my own ideaimprovisation to fix the pattern s mistake Fourth example the directions for the front edge of each armhole suffers a similar problem the fdc part across the arm hole area will never properly connect to the body as written in the instructions because you end up creating the foundation dc row from the TOP of the dc just made which basically makes it a row above there you need it to be I had to add a couple of chains and slip stitch into the same stitch the last dc just made was in to get the fdc stitches to be in the same row as where it was coming from and going to It s little things like those details that make these patterns unworkable as written and which need to be massaged to get a useable final product Very frustrating as the author has some beautiful and original designs and some uniue approaches to garment construction that minimizes sewing and seaming However the book s editors needed to have tested these patterns thoroughly before releasing them

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Wrapped in Crochet Scarves Wraps Shawls Summary ã 104 Ings color work and crocheting with beads lace ruffles and tiers Charts are included for every stitch pattern and motif and each pattern includes diagrams for all constructions making this a complete resource for the hip crocheter. There are some beautiful ideas for crochet that go beyond the traditional inspirational

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Wrapped in Crochet Scarves Wraps Shawls Summary ã 104 Gns this book of innovative projects is perfect for new and intermediate crocheters who want to take crochet to the next level with clever stitch motifs new techniues to shaping and creative embellishment ideas such as unusual edg. shawls wraps