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  • A Thousand Candles
  • Joyce Dingwell
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  • 07 October 2019
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READ ß A Thousand Candles Joyce Dingwell Ò 0 READ REVIEW Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Joyce Dingwell Pippa and her cousin Rena had never been particularly close and it was mainly for the sake of her beloved little brother Davy that she had accepted Rena's invitation to visit her in Australia Rena had never liked her so Pippa chose to ignore her cousin's real motives for inviting them to Australia The doctor'. It was a wonderful romantic storyof a mean snobby homicidal lying skanky bitch of an OW getting the most wonderful man that she had ever coveted in her life and getting the HEA In the meantime heroine sits meekly by saddened that OW won t be around any to insult and torture her Heroine was not in love with hero as much as she was in love with being a martyr There is also a terminally ill child used ruthlessly to move the plot along I will remember this for OW moving heroine into her magnificent Australian Outback station with otherwise phenomenal views and giving her the one room with a view of an incinerator and a mulch heap BRILLIANT

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A Thousand Candles

READ ß A Thousand Candles Joyce Dingwell Ò 0 READ REVIEW Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Joyce Dingwell Understand it either in fact he was deeply suspicious of it and went so far as to offer to marry Pippa in order to get her and Davy away from Rena But ought Pippa to accept Crag's proposal Already she knew she loved him but how could her ask love of her when the only love he offered was for her little brother. This H is a classic job based Outback alpha He s laconic noble plays everything ridiculously close to the vest makes very obliue statements bides his time moves things forward with careful deliberation THAT kind of H There is very little doubt though that he loves the h and has since the moment he met her The h is sweet and has spent much of her life worried about her ailing younger brother so it s hard not to think she deserves an HEAThe OW is an exhausting mess who appears to have only one motivating emotion prideIncredibly low on romantic moments but sweetEDITED TO ADD This H also gets the award for the Hiest name of all time for an Outback H Crag I ll let you savor that for a moment

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READ ß A Thousand Candles Joyce Dingwell Ò 0 READ REVIEW Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Joyce Dingwell S warned Pippa that Davy was not likely ever to see another spring; well thought Pippa sadly this way he could at least enjoy the Australian springOnce there however surprises came thick and fast But still why should Rena be so interested in Davy Pippa couldn't understand any of her odd behaviour Crag didn't. 4 Stars When Pippa was ten her mother died in childbirth to Davy and shortly afterward her father died sending both children to live with their Aunt Now 20 Pippa is devoted to both her Aunt and her little brother who is ailing from a blood disease It s April and the doctors have agreed that this is Davy s last Spring so when Pippa s cousin from Australia calls and invites them to stay on her father s farm Pippa jumps at the chance to give Davy a Spring in September to look forward too Once arrived in Sydney they take the train north and on the train they meet an Outback man Crag who Davy finds fascinating Everything about Australia is fascinating for the boy who is delighted to learn that Crag s has a farm neighbouring their cousin s Cousin Rena is a few years older than Pippa and she has her own agenda for having the cousins stay with them She wants off the farm and as her father won t sell she sees that marriage will be the only way With her eye on the local doctor with aims of moving on to the city Rena plans to use Davy as a means of winning the doctor But Rena hadn t thought of Pippa who is no longer wearing bottle glasses and braces as she did as a child and is now attractive in her own way Pippa s ordered to stay out of sight of the good doctor and encouraged to hang out with the farm manager Dom Davy has his own will and takes himself off to Crag s farm at every chance Bonding with the boy Crag allows him to live life as though it s lived for ever When Pippa and Davy must find another place to stay Crag proposes marriage and the opportunity for Davy to have a fuller life on his Outback station I so enjoy these vintage Harley s and Ms Dingwell has created a charming story with A Thousand Candles My old man My dad His life and my mother s life together was the only kind I wanted He took up his pipe I asked Dad once how well how you knew He turned the pipe over in his big hand For Crag Crag Pippa thought he actually looked shy Yes she asked gently wondering at her gentleness He saidmy father said it was a thousand candles All lit up Davy was looking up from the horse book now All lit together scrubber Reckon I forgot it for a while but do you know what he was lighting the pipe now I ve remembered it again It s obvious from the start that Crag is smitten with Pippa but she thinks it s only Davy that he wants unable to see that she s everything that a man like Crag could want Reading this story I thought of Hugh Jackman s portrayal of the Outback man and his special relationship with the boy This is a sweet poignant story and I m glad that Pippa got to see her thousand candles