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Read A Year to Remember A Year to Remember Free read ô 104 When her younger brother marries on her twenty ninth birthday food addict Sara Friedman drunkenly vows to three hundred wedding guests to find and marry her soul mate within the yearAfter her humiliating toast becomes a YouTube sensation. I m conflicted about my rating a little bit I really enjoyed this story But I sort of didn t want to This isn t the type of romance I usually go for This is Chick lit A Year To Remember isn t the story of Sara and Adam s fight to an epic HEA It s about Sara s fight to self love She thinks her fight is to find her beshert soulmate that marriage to a good guy would somehow make her unhappiness and self esteem problems disappear somehow make her feel worthy And thanks to a magic combination of wedding envy alcohol and a long dating and sexual dry spell Sara publicly declares that in one year she will be married The media latches on to this and puts her under a microscope and under pressure to back up her outrageous declaration So for one year Sara manages to hit rock bottom find love lose love and rediscover her own strengths by tackling the weaknesses she s ignored for so longAs a woman who can identify with than one facet of Sara s character I was really into this story I couldn t wait to see what was next for her couldn t wait to see how she managed to fix the relationships she hadAs a romance fan this made me a little unhappy But I realize that it s because I went into this story expecting all of the things I love about romances What I got was something a little realistic A story where you think and the heroine thinks that the hero is the end all be all but in the end it was truly just Sara s tale Sara s hard won love for herself was the real story here The lasting beautiful relationship she has with her beshert was just the awesome by product of all of the hard work she did on herself for herselfThis was the perfect book for me to start the year reading and I m so happy that I did

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A Year to Remember

Read A Year to Remember A Year to Remember Free read ô 104 Tween fulfilling her vow to marry before her thirtieth birthday and following her heart’s desire But before she can make the biggest decision of her life Sara must begin to take her first steps toward recovery from her addiction to food. Shelly Bell is currently on tour with CLP Blog Tours and A Year to Remember Sara Friedman is tired of being single and something inside her snaps at her younger brother s wedding His big day also happens to be her twenty ninth birthday and Sara drunkenly announces to 300 wedding guests that she will be married by her thirtieth When someone so kindly records her speech and puts in on YouTube Sara goes viral With a national morning show offering to help her one year journey of finding a husband and her best friend Missy backing her up Sara dives in head first into the dating game She accepts blind dates tries her hand at internet dating and finds the meaning of soul mate where she least expects it Sara also happens to be a food addict and has struggled with her weight throughout her life She is determined to shed the pounds while she searches for her Mr Right but will thin eual happiness I loved the beginning of this book and was immediately hooked by Sara s story Even though I have never struggled with weight or had an unhealthy relationship with food I still felt like Sara was very relatable which makes for a great MC in my eyes The ending of the book took a different turn While I knew Sara was struggling with food and that was clearly part of the plot the ending seemed to only focus on that and I found my interest waning a bit But I still highly enjoyed this book and I would recommend

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Read A Year to Remember A Year to Remember Free read ô 104 She permits a national morning show to chronicle her search With the help of best friend Missy she plunges head first into the shallow end of the dating poolHer journey leads her to uestion the true meaning of soul mates as she decides be. A single twenty nine year old woman a drunken wedding toast with a promise to be married by her thirtieth birthday that was videotaped and posted on YouTube a plan to find her soul mate within the year and a national morning show following her progress The result one woman s year of following the yellow brick road on a personal journey of self discoverySara Friedman is a twenty nine year old single woman from Detroit Michigan When her younger brother gets married on her twenty ninth birthday Sara s drunken wedding toast turns into a passionate promise to find her own soul mate and get married by her thirtieth birthday Someone videotaped her toast and it went viral on YouTube gaining national attention from the media with a proposal to follow her progress via a blog and if she succeeds in finding her soul mate they will provide the wedding on air From online dating to speed dating to the local Jewish social network Sara dives into the dating pool in search of her soul mate With trial and tribulations along the way Sara s embarks on a journey of self discovery where she will learn about herself what is important in life and to accept the blessings and enjoyment of a fulfilling lifeA Year To Remember is an entertaining and witty story about self discovery and acceptance The author weaves a realistic tale that readers can relate to who hasn t had issues in their lives that they had to deal with and overcome By following along on Sara s journey of self discovery the author engages the reader with a realistic and thought provoking look at issues that any woman may have dealt with in their own lives Written in a humorous and witty style the story is told in the first person narrative by our neurotic protagonist Sara Friedman Sara draws the reader into her story with a lot of humor and bares her insecurities and flaws for all to see You can t help but become her cheerleader as her year long journey of self discovery leads her along the path to finding out about herself and the surprising revelation of her soul mateThe cast of characters are realistic and engaging their uirky personalities and interactions provide an entertaining story that will keep you laughing along with their antics Sara is a realistic woman with real flaws insecurities and issues that are easy to relate to Her strength and determination throughout her journey comes through in a way that has the reader cheering for her hoping that at the year s end she ll succeed in not only finding her soul mate but that she ll also discover and accept herself for who she really is With best friend Missy encouraging guiding and having Sara s back like only a true lifelong BFF would it made me smile and think about my own lifelong BFF I would be remiss if I didn t comment on Sara s soul mate since I don t want to provide any spoiler information suffice it to say I had a feeling it would be him all along and I wasn t left disappointedThe author provides a wonderful description of Sara s journey I really enjoyed how the author described Sara s year of self growth in an entertaining thought provoking inspiring and thoughtful manner The neat part of the author s descriptive style of writing is that she allows Sara to be uirky and not a dark character and even with flaws and insecurities it s okay to laugh at yourself as you discover and accept who you really areA Year To Remember is a lighthearted story of self discovery and finding romance that will leave a smile on your faceDisclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plushttpjerseygirlbookreviewsblogspot