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  • 22 January 2020
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READ & DOWNLOAD ß Blue Bloods Melissa de la Cruz ↠ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD SUMMARY É PLUSPRODUCTIONS.CO ↠ Melissa de la Cruz The first book in the New York Times best selling series Blue Bloods introduces Schuyler Van Alen to the ancient world of the undead Schuyler is an outca. This book had the potential to be amazing affluent teens learn in their fifteenth year that they are reincarnated vampires who will never really die only come back to reenter another cycle of life unfortunately it was terrible One gets the impression that La Cruz either rushed through this or had a constant bout of writers block The writing is forced and trite and things that should have been ommitted why do we need a description of every single item of food throughout the bookand some parts were montaged where they should have been described in detail like when they found out they were blue bloods and if I hear one designer clothing reference I m going to punch somethingAlso it s not a good thing if the name Schuyler is the most normal in the entire book Bliss Perfection really If your going to have your book set in a mdern realistic setting make it seem like it could possibly happen also the character of Schuyler is much too stereotypical for my tastes A beautiful gothic orphan outcast becomes a vampire How original She had no character faults at all which makes for a very bland boring heroine It also took La Cruz 248 pages to get to the frickin point where the plot starts to well exist Until then the word vampire isn t even mentioned and though we all knew what was going on the fact was presented as though it were a huge surprise which insults my intelligence thankyouverymuchFortunately the last fifty pages were much better then the first 56 of the book and though no definate conclusion is reached I don t feel inclined to pick up the next in the series

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READ & DOWNLOAD ß Blue Bloods Melissa de la Cruz ↠ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD SUMMARY É PLUSPRODUCTIONS.CO ↠ Melissa de la Cruz And discovers that her peers like her are budding vampires Then vampires start getting killed and Schuyler realizes something else they are being hunted. This series is basically Gossip Girl meets Twilight Melissa de la Cruz is obviously a great authorHowever she does not follow through with this series She spends time talking about designer labels and what the elite are wearingthan she does building up the plot I felt completely let down because many people had suggested this series to meHaving said thatI still want to know what happens which means I will give Melissa de la Cruz a second chance by reading the second installment of this series Melissa de la Cruz writes well but this book is lacking in the plot


READ & DOWNLOAD ß Blue Bloods Melissa de la Cruz ↠ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD SUMMARY É PLUSPRODUCTIONS.CO ↠ Melissa de la Cruz St at her prestigious private high school filled with fashionable upper class socialites But this off limits world opens up to her when Schuyler turns 15. This book was a massive mental battle for me between the decent parts of the plot notice I say PLOT not book and the horrendousness of the rest of the book Okay let me put this bluntly Blue Bloods stunkFirst of all the story was not believable Not because it included a pack of civilized vampires that were conveniently all wealthy and living in New York City Because the characters reactions were so obviously fabricated that I rolled my eyes than once while reading Schuyler for one Her character is ridiculously predictable Introducing the average main character in these crappy chick lit mysteries A young girl who dresses like a street urchin but is still stunningly beautiful Uh huh Riiiiight Because you see those all over the place Her tragic situation parents dead and gone That s only been done in EVERY FAIRY TALE EVER WRITTEN SINCE THE GRIMM BROTHERS I mean come ON people Oh and then there s the other main annoying factor the endless descriptions of clothes hair furniture nutsall bragging in a not so subtle way about how great rich people have it I was so bored through the descriptions of lavish hotels expensive gowns antiue furnitureI thought I was going to drown in the endless drivelMaybe if you re a really big fan of vampires and many are or you like reading about the lives of millionaires you ll be able to get by reading this without TOTAL disgust But if you re like me you ll hate it Just walk away