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  • 03 March 2020
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SUMMARY Seeking Serena · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N the game's ultimate reward is the most powerful position in the world But Serena Moon isn't at all that she appears to be with a dark past in an empty shadowed home; whispers of the demon Adramalech; an ancient Icelandic prophecy; and her stalwart refusal to die Seeking Serena a paranormal vampire romancethriller is a full length novel first published as a serial in 5 parts This is the complete serie. soooo this book or books sucked really hard I never gave a book 1 star but this is the one I must say that I finished the books just because I was waiting for the end hoped it

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SUMMARY Seeking Serena · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Serena Moon was born to die as a sacrifice to the dark throne's next heir one of thirteen residing in London's Darkmourn Mansion It's what all lesser vampires are called to do and there's no way around it unless somehow she doesn't die But that's never happened until now Exhausted Serena's been on the run for three years never once forgetting that she made a mockery of their biting game by walking away. Well I didn t enjoy that as much as I thought I would I ve given it purely because I love vampires I kinda feel a little ripped off because I feel the end

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SUMMARY Seeking Serena · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook When she should've died But what's a life in the shadows constantly running from creatures that never show themselves Except for when they do and they're just as she remembers them Will Serena survive their new game Protect her or destroy her are the only rules this time around and with thirteen vampiric heirs ready to play there's no escape this time Which of the Master's heirs will fight for her whe. Not what I expected To be sure this book is beautifully written but not in any way that I had anticipated It reads like poetry and isn t the least bit light or airy making it di