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  • Paperback
  • 210
  • Drastic Measures
  • Ben Parris
  • English
  • 27 September 2020
  • 9780983006404

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Drastic Measures Free read Ó 104 Hat never happened and the kind Daniel hasBRAD POST gives us The Trees Sharon had second thoughts about her new husband Johnny Her father detested the man and the trees didn't like either of themThose tales and by new discoveries SUSAN DAVID CATHY DOUGLAS KATE LARKINDALE MICHELLE D KEYES and GERALD VINCENT DAVID MACK The 4400 who wrote the foreword for this volume says You're in for a wild rid.

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Drastic Measures Free read Ó 104 GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON Ocean's Eleven Logan's Run joins the print edition of Drastic Measures anthology of short fiction volume I to help spin tales of where the human mind goes when its corneredNew discovery MELISSA LYONS is the most powerful new voice in suspense since Dean Koontz with her story SnowEditor BEN PARRIS adds two stories of his own edited by Fantasy Science Fiction contributor K.

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Drastic Measures Free read Ó 104 EN ALTABEFIn Murder in Songjiang All Brian wanted to do was teach English in China All the US State Department wanted of the CIA was a uiet investigation of how Brian got killed there Espionage trainee Mike Spoto stood in the middle and cared about his training case too much for his own goodROBERT HORSEMAN presents Déjà vu There are two kinds of déjà vu The kind where you remember things t.

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    PDF FREE Drastic Measures à Ben Parris Drastic Measures edited by Ben Parris and Ken AltabefBook Review by Jessica LucciThis collection of short stories is a fast paced fun read exploring an array genres with similar themes Each author created a uniue twisty tale with humor horror and surprise My favourite story is Kate Larkindale's suspenseful Changing Rooms

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