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  • Hardcover
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  • The Book of Memory
  • Petina Gappah
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  • 02 June 2019
  • 9780571296842

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Characters ´ The Book of Memory ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The story you have asked me to tell begins not with the ignominious ugliness of Lloyd's death but on a long ago day in April when the sun seared my blistered face and I was nine years old and my father and mother sold me to a strange man I say my father and my mother but really it was just my mother Memory the narrator of The Book of Memory is an albino woman languishing in Chiku. When we meet Memory the narrator of this novel she is in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in Zimbabwe having been found guilty of murder From the start we are told that she did not murder her adopted father Lloyd Hendricks and she is writing down her life story as part of her appeal against her death sentence In effect Memory s life has two parts the first nine years of her childhood spent at 1486 Mharapara Street and then the next nine years of her life spent with Lloyd Hendricks the white man that she claims her parents sold her to As we read of the unfolding life of Memory we move between past and present and gradually unravel what really happened to lead her to a life in prisonThe author of this novel first became successful through a volume of short stories An Elegy for Easterly I have to admit that short stories have never been a favourite of mine but I now regret that this author did not come to my attention earlier as I loved this book From the first moment Memory begins speaking to the reader I was completely enthralled We begin with her life in the busy and chaotic life on Mharapara Street which Petina Gappah brings totally to life with an exuberant cast of characters Unlike most of the inhabitants of the street Memory lives a slightly outcast life her parents seem to lack the endless relatives that visit most of her neighbours and she is set apart by the fact that she is an albino Of course children s memories are often uncertain and there are things that they do not fully understand but we see everything from Memory s perspective while also being aware that there are undercurrents beneath the facts that are related to us At the age of nine Memory is taken to live at the beautiful house Summer Madness with Lloyd Hendricks and has a new life a privileged education and a different set of acuaintances From the start she is unwilling to confront the fact that she believes her parents sold her to Lloyd and gradually the two become close As Memory grows though things change and her love for the artist Zenzo will have a devastating impact on future events This novel moves from Memory s current life in prison and backtracks from her childhood to early adulthood and across the world from Zimbabwe to Oxford and other countries as Memory grows and changes Gradually as she writes she confronts the childhood memories that she has always shied away from and uncovers the truth of what happened all those years ago and the events that led to her current situation This is not always an easy book to read much of it is sad although there is also a lot of humour The book is peppered throughout with local dialect and although I did not understand many of the words the author cleverly intersperses them into the text to add flavour and a sense of place while managing to keep the story moving and making it unnecessary for you to follow every single word Personally I thought the whole story absolutely wonderful moving evocative and poignant Memory is essentially an outsider in both the worlds she inhabited outside of prison and this status makes her doubly perceptiveAlongside the story of Memory is her life inside the prison set a few years after independence With an election looming we are aware of events outside of the prison walls and of the reason why Memory s trial and sentence was so swift and decisive in a country all too aware of the world s eye on a country erupting in violence and where the death of three white farms in the month before Lloyd s death had than a little to do with the judgement against her This novel has a lot to offer both as a personal read and as an ideal choice for book groups with so much to discuss Undoubtedly this is one of my favourite reads of the year and I recommend it highly Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review

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Characters ´ The Book of Memory ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The murder of Lloyd Hendricks her adopted father But who was Lloyd Hendricks Why does Memory feel no remorse for his death And did everything happen exactly as she remembers Moving between the townships of the poor and the suburbs of the rich and between the past and the present Memory weaves a compelling tale of love obsession the relentlessness of fate and the treachery of memo. Thanks to Sterling Books in Brussels for the free review copyThe Book Of Memory tells the story of a Zimbabwean woman called Memory whose parents sold her to a white man when she was nine She relates her tale in flashback as she sits in prison having been convicted of the same white man s murder I won t spoil any of the story personally I m not interested in book reviews which discuss the plot in too much detail other than to say that we do finally get some answers to the main mysteries why did Memory s parents give her away and how did the white man Lloyd really dieBut this is not a murder mystery or a thriller It s a story about identity and belonging and how various characters for various reasons are marginalised by society Memory is an albino meaning that rather than play out in the blistering heat of the sun all day she prefers to stay indoors and read books or retreat into her own imagination She becomes educated and has little time for the witchcraft and superstition so fervently believed in by many of her compatriots She s witty and thoughtful generally a fun and stimulating character with whom you re happy to spend time Her story splits almost eually between childhood memories and present day descriptions of life in the women s prison where she s being held Both are described eually vividly with telling details such as sounds and smellsBut finally this is a surprisingly mature story about acceptance both of yourself and of your circumstances and about the sometimes futile search for meaning in life It s a very impressive novel and I expect to hear a lot about Petina Gappah in the future

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Characters ´ The Book of Memory ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rubi Maximum Security Prison in Harare Zimbabwe where she has been convicted of murder As part of her appeal her lawyer insists that she write down what happened as she remembers it The death penalty is a mandatory sentence for murder and Memory is both literally and metaphorically writing for her life As her story unfolds Memory reveals that she has been tried and convicted for. Mnemosyne known as Memory writes to an unseen unmet Western journalist from her cell in Zimbabwe s notorious Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison She has been sentenced to death for the murder of her childhood guardian Lloyd a white man to whom her parents handed her off in a diner when Memory was a young girl Memory is an albino African a condition that even after she is treated for its physical pain leaves deep scars in her psyche Memory s attempts to define her identity and reason through a family and community that abandoned her lead her beyond Africa and into a redemptive life in Europe But when she returns to Zimbabwe disaster in the guise of a horrifying coincidence befalls her and she lands unwittingly on death row The premise is breathtaking the execution less so The epistolary narrative means relying on the memory a compelling and well rendered theme of an unreliable narrator Much of the first half is devoted to describing daily life in this women s prison which is worthy of its own novel but it does crowd out Memory s memories of her childhood and it become difficult to know uite where to focus one s attention The second half of the novel where Memory brings the reader into her life after she is sold to Lloyd is rushed and so many of the events inexplicable and tangential Gappah s writing is gorgeous strong and clear with full color descriptions and a vivid sensuality that brings every setting every character to life The narrative is well paced and the foreshadowing of deeper darker secrets the essential mystery of Memory s relationship with Lloyd and her arrest and conviction propel the reader forward The plot is distracted and unsatisfying but this is still a worthy read for its insights into current Zimbabwe and its wonderfully rendered female characters