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  • Flux Women on Sex Work Love Kids and Life in a Half Changed World
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  • 02 January 2019
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Summary â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Peggy Orenstein Peggy Orenstein ↠ 0 characters Flux Women on Sex Work Love Kids and Life in a Half Changed World review Ô 100 's movement allow women to grow up with a sense of expanded possibilities Yet traditional expectations have hardly changed To discover how they are navigating this double burden personally and professionally Orenstein interviewed hundreds. A survey of a small number of hand picked highly educated and ambitious women of 3 different age groups and of 3 different life stages according to the author who desire or desired a career track in male dominated fields this book was informative in the way case studies can be It highlights some potential struggles pitfalls and contradictions in a woman s pursuit of a balanced life in a half changed world It brings some often unconscious but deeply seeded beliefs about gender roles and social acceptance out into the open and shows how easy it can be for these beliefs to shape the lives of both women and men without either realizing it as well as illustrating the benefits of a truly chosen alternative to the traditional culturally expected lifestyles An interesting read which ultimately comes down to the importance of self awareness communication and planning as tools to break down these often undiscussed beliefs and the issues that arise from them which lead to the sacrifice of euality between men and women and often to a disproportionate amount of depressed and stifled women in marriagesAs far as this book relating to me I have to admit there were a lot of ideas and positions expressed by the women in the book which shocked me I obviously do not live in the same world that some of these women seem to but I have made it a priority in my life to challenge every feeling and belief I have for underlying legitimacy and have only one goal which is happiness Even so the experiences of some of these women in their relationships to men and how they would keep the peace and not stand up for themselves losing their own identity in the process was something I have experienced and something that had I not been as sure as I was about the relative non importance of marriage in my life could have propelled me on the same superficial appearances oriented controlled perfectionism mixed with self sacrificing acuiescence that seems to plague so many wives andor mothers The sexism of today is not as overt as that of yesterday but we seem to be under the false belief that there is no sexism while we go merrily along conforming to gender roles despite ourselves believing we have all these choices and options yet still somehow ending up at the same unfulfilling places over and over again through the conflict between what we believe intellectually and what we feel based on still prevalent gender role indoctrination The mixed messages of the half changed world

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Summary â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Peggy Orenstein Peggy Orenstein ↠ 0 characters Flux Women on Sex Work Love Kids and Life in a Half Changed World review Ô 100 Peggy Orenstein's bestselling Schoolgirls is the classic study of teenage girls and self esteem Now Orenstein uses the same interviewing and reporting skills to examine the lives of women in their 20s 30s and 40s The advances of the women. When I first read this book in 2005 it was a complete lifesaver I was in my earlymid 20s living in NYC struggling with trying to figure out the next step in my career while balancing hopes and dreams of finding a partner and starting a family all of which seemed so far out of my reach in that crazy city In short I was having my uarter life crisis I fell in love with this book because it discussed all of the things the people really the women I knew weren t discussing how to balance work life family and friends deciding on whether to have kids finding success or even just contentmentPeggy Orenstein collected her thoughts through interviews with women from a variety of backgrounds though as another reviewer pointed out she mainly talks to people who have achieved some degree of career success or who have decided to take time away from the workplace to raise their children There are no profiles of women who are struggling who are unable to make ends meet who have had an unplanned pregnancy etc That said the most important takeaway from this study is that it s very difficult to have it all and there are a number of people who have made alternative choices and had happy lives That the ideal we re encouraged to attempt to achieve is neither ideal nor necessarily worth achieving I found this exceptionally reassuring during a difficult yearI decided to reread this book in early 2010 because I d recently made another batch of big life changes and wanted to remind myself of how conflicted other people felt about their choices On the reread with a few years of experience under my belt this book did not uite earn the five stars I originally gave it but it was still a good reminder that life takes a lot of different directions and they re all okay ones There are still many changes that need to be made so that women can have the chance to pursue demanding careers and who knows when we ll get thereThe best points I took from this book is that women of all generations need to speak openly about their experiences including their joys and their disappointments Most importantly young women need to stop buying into the myth that romance and children are the panacea for all their problems and build their careers and their friendships so that they can have options if they do end up single for a time something that is likely given the rates of divorce and widowhood For me that was the biggest lesson we need friendships and relationships that will help sustain us through all the challenges life will throw our waysI m keeping my rating at five stars because I think it does what it says and that was my initial impression Peggy Orenstein is a fantastic writer and I recommend checking out her other work This book is best for women really feeling the state of flux of their lives and anyone who wants to better understand and support them But we could do even better and talk to one another

Summary â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Peggy Orenstein

Summary â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Peggy Orenstein Peggy Orenstein ↠ 0 characters Flux Women on Sex Work Love Kids and Life in a Half Changed World review Ô 100 Of women and has blended their voices into a compelling narrative that gets deep inside their lives and choices With unusual sensitivity Orenstein offers insight and inspiration for every woman who is making important decisions of her ow. I dunno A lot of my friends really loved this book which is why I decided to read it But it just didn t do it for me I thought it was overly simplistic I didnt like that there weren t any interviewees who were just plain happy with their lives surely there must be some women out there who don t feel that they have had to wade through life constantly struggling and somewhat disappointed with their choices I suppose that s not the issue we all struggle with SOMEthing but these women just seemed so frustrated no matter what choices they made A lot of the stories seemed kind of melodramatic Also I was frustrated by the lack of diversity among the women who told their stories the book felt somewhat elitist I recognize that the author was interested in a particular subset of women those who are highly educated and upper income but I just couldn t relate despite having a similar educational and professional background