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review Odonata By Jessica Zellman ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Es are bad Humanswho cares about humans But everything changes when she rescues a human Abbey Maruez believes Katrina can enjoy than the bloodlust that comes from killing vampires The opportunity to prove Abbey's theory arises in the. This is the story of a flippant woman who happens to be a vampire eating super creature She meets some characters who bring out changes in her while she is also hunting a pack of vampires She also has a few lustful adventuresWhat I loved the main character s funny attitude and comments and the complexity of her character a sexy male vampire nice action scenes and plenty of cool ideas I liked the contradiction of her energy coming from something that would kill a vampire What I didn t love view spoilerthe aspect of sexual excitement during torture the name Odonata the internet can t even agree about how this is pronounced the Abbey character seemed a little annoying and petulant the sexy vampire man became a weakling hide spoiler

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review Odonata By Jessica Zellman ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Form of a vampire gang who takes the term tourist trap a little too literally Katrina will not allow humans to be bartered as food but defeating the gang means facing her own inner demons and four decades worth of nightmares 77284 Wor. This book is a highly original take on urban fantasy and vampire fiction The idea of a creature that s one step above vamps on the food chain was terrific and so wonderfully different from the usual vampire hunter stories Katrina s story is very much a classic Hero s Journey too as she starts out rather cold and unlikable but over the course of the novel becomes a fully rounded fascinating character who has grown and changed The side characters are just as interesting and I was glad to read at the end that this is the first of a series I ll definitely be keeping an eye out for

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review Odonata By Jessica Zellman ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Vampires may think they are the ultimate predatorsbut they're wrong Forty years ago Katrina Templair forfeited her human life and became an Odonata a creature that preys on vampires Her world is black and white Odonata are good Vampir. For the first couple of pages I wasn t sure that I d enjoy this book but I was happy to be uickly proven wrongOne of the things I enjoyed most about this piece was the element of originality presented by the idea of the Odonata It grabbed my attention and helped save the piece from becoming just another vampire story With so much vampire fiction out there now it is refreshing to find something that stands out and feels newThe character of Katrina grew on me steadily as the story progressed and I found her relationship with Grey believable and not over the top as some vampire romances can be I loved Abbey as a secondary character but would have liked to have learned about her emerging talents although a note from the author at the end of the novel indicates that this may happen in a future release in the series which is good newsThe plot moved along nicely and there was plenty of action to support the reflective passages and the flashbacks The writing style was clear and easy to read helping the flow of the storyA very enjoyable read and I for one will certainly be keen to check out any future releases in the series I would recommend this for vampire fiction fans