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  • De l'inconvénient d'être né
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  • 18 May 2020
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DOWNLOAD ¶ De l'inconvénient d'être né Emil M. Cioran é 0 DOWNLOAD Best Ebook, De l'inconvénient d'être né By Emil M. Cioran Th. Life Inside the Bubble I feel entitled to interpret and respond to Cioran s aphoristic mode with some of the same chiastic development even if not nearly as wittyHomo sapiens uniuely in the animal kingdom lives in a bubble of language He and she is so immured in this bubble that language and experience are inextricably confounded The conseuence of this involuntary universal peonage is that everyone substitutes things with words and responds to words as if they were things It s the cost of living in the bubbleReality is what happens Everything else is literatureLiterature is an evolved form of language It is constituted by an ideal philosophy and ideal religion and an ideal politics Or at least as ideal as can be reached by Homo sapiensThe philosophy of literature is empirically grounded on observation human beings are the only story telling animal Other sentient beings use gestures sounds words phrases even sentences to communicate with each other Only people connect words in complex creative ways This is a blessing and a curse It makes life inside the language bubble bearable but or less isolates story tellers from experience since the stories they tell create their own experience No one has ever found a way to untangle the two the attempt is the failed science of epistemologyTo compensate for the conseuences of entrapment inside the bubble human beings have invented a religion of language and a language of religion that tells the story actually many stories of what exists outside the bubble This of course is paradoxical since that which is beyond the bubble is reality which as soon as it is brought inside the bubble becomes literature Prompted by this contradiction some people declare their language about things outside the bubble to be sacred thus making life inside the bubble toxic These people are idolatrous and call those who are not idolaters atheists agnostics non conformists dreamers and sometimes artists by which they mean uselessThose who recognise the existence of the bubble and its implications strive to keep story telling free from such ossification Feeling in need of support in a hostile world they too have succumbed to the religious impulse but in a very different way Their alternative religion is a kind of ethical politics which allows any story to be told and heard They make no claims to knowing what is outside the bubble or approaching closer to it by working hard at story telling within the bubble Their life consists of the unrestricted exchange of words in unusual and unexpected combinations They often allude to what they imagine might be outside the bubble but remain interested in the imaginations of others From this they derive pleasure from which many other inhabitants of the bubble take offenceTypically those who take offence whether religious or not claim that the imaginative new stories are not reflections of reality and should be ignored or even banned as dangerous This of course is a story of limited imagination and probably a restricted vocabulary they tend to occur together Such stories have little weight unless accompanied by violence Violence physical psychological and spiritual is the only effective method which allows reality to enter the bubble Violence shatters the bubble completely This those offended perceive as satisfyingLiterature has no defense against violence The bubble is an aberration as fragile ephemeral and temporary as the language upon which it is basedIn the end violence that is to say reality prevailsOf course Cioran is a laconic genius so he summarises the situation much compactly As long as you live on this side of the terrible you will find words to express it once you know it from inside you will no longer find a single one It is difficult to cope with such terseness even among the literate Such is the character of good literature

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De l'inconvénient d'être né

DOWNLOAD ¶ De l'inconvénient d'être né Emil M. Cioran é 0 DOWNLOAD Amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo. That faint light in each of us which dates back to before our birth to before all births is what must be protected if we want to rejoin that remote glory from which we shall never know why we are separated 157Originally published in 1973 when E M Cioran was 62 years old the book is divided into 12 sections Much of the content is presented in an aphoristic form although Cioran intersperses other types of entries throughout to include anecdotes personal notes and diatribes Cioran considered himself near or at the end of his career as he was writing the book per one of the entries So if you re going to read one of his books perhaps this is the best one to read as it contains his reflections over a lifetime of work observations and ruminations Now to the underlying theme of the book A significant part of the problem with being born is that we re not given the choice to opt out If asked certainly some of us would have said no And yet here we are So what to do about it If one is a truth seeker one can take a degree of comfort in the fact that Cioran has read all the old sages and found no so called truth to set him free Cioran himself makes no claim to being a wise man or sage As he wrote this book he was merely an intelligent older man who had managed to clear away many of life s distractions Think of his process as making notes while sitting in a metal folding chair at one end of an uncluttered hallway of indeterminate length at the other end of which crouches his death somewhere in the shadows Because the fact is that when one does manage to clear away life s distractions eg desire ambition religious faith relationships art etc what one is left facing is the inevitability of one s own death There it stands in all of its stark clarity A logical step at this point would be to simply take one s own life and yet this is tricky to pull off when in a balanced analytical state of mind Human beings have this tendency toward self preservation and it persists even as we age and observe our own bodies slowly deteriorate in preparation for the final act So what are we supposed to do while waiting around Who knows This book certainly won t provide answers nor will any other book Perhaps the best thing to do is to help others who are about to die Be with them make them comfortable as they prepare to return to where they were before they were born ie that remote glory from which we shall never know why we are separated This is not a depressing book Even at its most pessimistic Cioran s writing holds charm He maintains a level of intimacy throughout lacing his observations with wit and humor typically of the dark biting variety If your outlook is already of a certain disposition akin to Cioran s this book will offer affirmation But if your pessimism doesn t reuire affirmation and really why should it then you re probably better off just taking a walk Walking in a forest between two hedges of ferns transfigured by autumn that is a triumph What are ovations and applause beside it

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DOWNLOAD ¶ De l'inconvénient d'être né Emil M. Cioran é 0 DOWNLOAD Is is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very. I feel like I have been reading Cioran all my life though I ve not Amazing what he can fit into a line or two maybe a paragraph The aphoristic style makes reading this book a breeze I was surprised to hear him deride Nietzsche to whom he is often compared He also scoffs at philosophical systems created by the likes of Aristotle and Hegel He praises Aurelius Schopenhauer and Chamfort Yes I am a man after Cioran s own heart So much wisdom knowledge mixed with disenchantment and detachment Rejection of everything except the will to reject If pessimism can be enthusiastic here it is