I Viceré) [E–pub/Pdf] Ó Federico De Roberto

  • Hardcover
  • 682
  • I Viceré
  • Federico De Roberto
  • Italian
  • 10 February 2020
  • 9788889145425

Federico De Roberto ½ 1 SUMMARY

SUMMARY Ó I Viceré In uesta perfetta macchina narrativa costruita secondo i più rigorosi precetti del verismo le vicende si inseguono si intrecciano si contrappongono per seguire atto dopo atto la saga famigliare degli Uzeda. The Viceroys follows the story of a Sicilian noble family starting with the death of the princess in 1855 moving on to her eldest son Giacomo s reign until his death and concluding with the rise of Consalvo Giacomo s son as a politician in 1882 The story is set during a time of great change the kingdom of the Two Sicilies is at its end and Garibaldi is about to build the Italy we know todayI really enjoyed de Roberto s style Each member of the family is described very vividely They all have some good characteristics but always the bad ones prevail This way you never have a real hero but also no character you completely despise The tone is often satirical especially when it comes to certain characters such as Don Eugenio he is always short of money but has the most absurd ideas on how to gain some anywayI just have one major criticism with this book De Roberto tells the story of each family member There are ca 20 characters and that s often too many especially at the beginning The book comes with a list of all the characters which helps but I was still often confused who was who This gets better towards the end as nature takes its natural course and the book concentrates on the remaining membersAll in all this is a great novel which deserves to be better known than it currently is It was my first Italian classic but surely not my last one I received a free digital copy via Netgalley the publisher Thanks for the opportunity

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SUMMARY Ó I Viceré Intrighi i ricatti le meschinità che ogni membro della famiglia metterà in atto per conservare i propri privilegi di casta svelando così le dinamiche e le follie del potere Introduzione di Giorgio Patrizi. An amazing novel about Sicilian aristocracy it reminds the reader of The Lepoar of course but is so good that it manages to stand on its own not a small feast It s massive long and complex but it s a wonderful read that transports the reader into another world that actually did exist It absolutely deserves to be translated in English I read it in its French translation and don t believe it s available in the US


SUMMARY Ó I Viceré Aristocratica dinastia siciliana travolta dai rivolgimenti che porteranno all’Unità d’Italia Con un inedito senso della Storia De Roberto uno dei più grandi maestri dell’800 italiano penetra fra gli. Set in Sicily in the late 1860s just before the unification of Italy we meet the aristocratic and it must be admitted pretty unlikeable Uzeda family known as The Viceroys due to their forebears being such during the era of Spanish control of the island Full of pride in themselves and their ancestry grasping selfish and self centred a dysfunctional lot by any standards we follow them as their world comes tumbling down around them They represent a social class sliding towards its ruin and as such the book is a valuable social and historical document with vivid period detail very atmospheric and an evocative portrait of a vanishing world Interesting though I found much of it as a novel it suffers from being too long and too rambling full of characters with no redeeming features and I struggled with it at times Worthy but not always enjoyable