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Joan of Arc Download ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Examining the external and internal forces that shaped Joan’s well documented life a discussion of esoteric elements found on nearly each page of the historic records is carefully framed in evidence that has not been plumbed to these depths until now Joan’s own words speak with clarity from her trial testimony as the most trustworthy resource for understanding h. I knew nothing of Joan of Arc or the hundred years war I knew nothing of the inuisition either and to be very honest I admit that the subject of divinity rarely surfaces in my daily thoughts Divinity is for theologians and those types that study the bible and like to uote bits of it to the rest of usSo I am an atheist or worse still a bungling agnosticand I am also beware of book waving bigots who strive to shake me from my complacency and demand from me the suspension of logic and fact and to go forth and meekly accept that there is but faith above and beyond all accepted reality there is only faithIt was with this inbuilt prejudice that I opened Marcia uinn Noren s book Joan of Arc The Mystic Legacy Suddenly I found myself engrossed in the story that so skillfully unfolded A young peasant girl aided by divine intervention breaks from the chains of her rootsand convinces the powers that be that she will lead the armies to free France from tyrannical rule and end the bloody civil war that was raging throughout her country this girl was only seventeen years oldMarcia uinn Noren brings us to meet Joan of Arc and as I read this brilliantly researched work I felt at one with the author in her uest to discover the truth about Joan of Arc and the mystic legacy she has gifted to us The author leaves no stone unturned and no important detail is omitted from the narrative At times I am reading of Joan s gift as voices from a different dimension come calling then I am with her as she frees Orleans from the English invadersI uote from the author On Saturday May 7 Joan set out early leading her soldiers to battle Before noon an arrow pierced through her right shoulder penetrating the exact place in her body that she had described the day beforeshe wept with frustration and agony as the gaping wound was plugged with lard and olive oil These lines tell you everything of the authors brilliant style as she writes so well dramatically and this fusion with the historical facts and the amazing inclusion of lines from Joan s own trial testimony give this work a refreshing authenticityWhen I finished my reading experience I thought long and hard about the amazing story I had just read and indeed what changes the book had made to me as a person Marcia uinn Noren has taken me by the hand to meet Joan of Arc the peasant girl who was visited by angels and this fine author who holds no agenda but for a love of truth has allowed me a glimpse of the true divinity that is Joan of arc

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Joan of Arc Download ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sformation is traced from her childhood in the rural marshlands of Lorraine to the halls of power where she claimed her right to command the French army and lead her troops to victory in Orleans and beyond This uniue exploration of Joan of Arc’s mortality and transcendence documents the rise and fall of the military leader whose prophecies were ultimately fulfille. When you read Marcia uinn Noren s study of Jeanne d Arc it becomes clear from the beginning that she has devoted years of careful research and has made every decision in terms of the layout and arrangement of the text and the photographs The writer aims to provide readers with a substantive essence of the story by uoting directly from the records of the trial Jeanne d Arc became a legend in her time and remains a mystery to this day She changed the course of a savage war that ravaged France which drew immediate suspicion from the Church the French monarchy too viewed her as a threatI ve read the reviews on Goodreads including the reviewer who called the image on the frontcover cartoonish while at the same time said the book was well researched and well written I believe that the cover designer wanted to impart a supernatural feel while connecting it to Jeanne s Christian roots the outlining in the picture and the lettering gives somewhat of a stained glass look The arc behind the fragile figure of this girl is symbolic of her name In addition there is a great relationship between between Jeanne s image on the front and the authors photo on the back which reveals a personal bond between writer and subject I Highly recommend The Mystic Legacy Five stars

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Joan of Arc Download ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er perceptions motivations and behavior The visions and voices she identified as the three spiritual guides who were with her constantly from the age of thirteen until her death are traced into the roots of Judeo Christian antiuity and her interaction with them is examined through the inclusive lens of contemporary cross cultural mysticismEach stage of Joan’s tran. Marcia uinn Noren approaches the subject of Joan of Arc s life from a fresh angle that of her spirituality and the Voices This is clear from the very beginning yet the author has maintained a tone that is non intrusive and beautifully balanced laying before the reader material from people with whom the Maid of Orleans came into contact as well as evidence from the transcripts of her trials The language is clear the story uncluttered by the sort of historical detail that can render history books dry the author focuses on the human aspects that concern us all as well as the fascinating spiritual ones and the story flows The book is illustrated throughout with photographs of locations that further ground Joan s journey in documented history and monuments affirming her place in legend A compelling started and finished in an evening and thought provoking read from an author whose voice one immediately trusts and one that happily although illuminating leaves the ultimate mystery of Joan of Arc intact with uestions the reader will be pondering long after turning the final page