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  • By Honor Betrayed
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  • 03 September 2018
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review By Honor Betrayed Alex Beecroft Õ 4 Free read review Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Alex Beecroft Lso their difference in class a gentleman doesn't socialize with a common tar As Conrad struggles to refute the gossip on the ship he must decide whether to commit the crime the crew's already convicted them of or part from Tom for good to save both their necks25000 wor. I was simply blown away by that book but why am I not surprised Alex Beecroft is such a marvelous writer

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review By Honor Betrayed Alex Beecroft Õ 4 Free read review Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Alex Beecroft Tionship All Tom wants is the chance to consummate their love and embark on a new life together outside the law that condemns them Yet he fears Conrad won't risk his career and his honor to become Tom's lover Conrad believes his lust for Tom will damn his soul There's a. I ve heard many great things about Beecroft s False Colors but tend to be intimidated by long epic historicals This was a perfect introduction to her work a novella that compactly blends romance adventure and insight into the human heart in its 84 pagesLt Conrad Herriot has been struggling for a decade with his feelings for his manservant and best friend Tom He s fairly sure they re mutual the risk in taking action is not of losing Tom but of his chances at heaven and he feels forced to choose to save his heart and lose his soul Or save his soul and lose his heart But there s another danger he hadn t even thought about in his world love between two men is not only sinful but highly illegal When Conrad s Captain becomes suspicious about their relationship and reassigns Tom matters come to a head with dramatic conseuences for them allBeecroft writes so beautifully it s hard to imagine anyone not being touched by this pair of forbidden lovers each willing to sacrifice all for the other The ending is satisfying but realistically bittersweet there being no marriagebaby epilogue possible for this kind of historical romance it s also somewhat open ended leaving me longing for a seuele arc provided for review by netGalley

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review By Honor Betrayed Alex Beecroft Õ 4 Free read review Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Alex Beecroft 1748Lieutenant Conrad Herriot and Seaman Tom Cotton have been master and servant for over a decade and friends for almost as long When Tom is injured during a skirmish Conrad forgets himself and rushes to Tom's side arousing suspicion about the true nature of their rela. Age of Sail is a genre with exacting specifications it s a peculiarly foreign setting reuiring the author s mastery over such a lot of esoteric language and practice it s a daunting task Nevertheless there are a few authors who can pull it off convincingly and Ms Beecroft is at the top of her game This is a brief novella which instantly pulls you in to its exciting and involving plot perfectly recreating the life of an officer and his servant on board ship in the Royal Navy in the era of sail I m a critical reader I know a bit about sailing ships having sailed a tall ship myself and nothing I read tripped me up which is uite a featThe protagonists are likeable and believable with all of the anxieties and caution that you would expect from a same sex pair in a world that condemned such things I loved their relationship built on years of loyal friendship They have to find a way to make a life for themselves and they work out a plan to achieve that and the story takes them on a first step towards that end And then it stops It is after all a novella so we shouldn t expect an epic sweep of narrative taking them from adventure to adventure until their eventual arrival at a happy conclusion but I do feel uite strongly as have some other reviewers I notice that there s to their story that hasn t yet been told and if Ms Beecroft reads these things may I plead for episodes two and three at least Please Pretty PleaseThis is truly great writing but I want of it