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  • Songs and Southern Breezes
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  • 08 June 2020
  • 9780434144563

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Songs and Southern Breezes Characters É 106 Eration of country people to be brought up in a way unchanged in centuries has begun to die out; there is a danger that the wealth of spoken dialect anecdote and old songs handed down from father to son might disappear with them – for what has been a living tradition is now rapidly becoming historyA well known countryman and folk singer Bob Copper makes vivid portraits of some of the men and the women he has met; the story tellers like ex steam threshing machine driver Len Page for example who could make a mousetrap of his shirt whilst still wearing it; Frank “Mush” Bond fairground hand and casual farm labourer who turned out to have been a startling literary magpie and home phil.

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Songs and Southern Breezes Characters É 106 Subtitled Country Folk and Country WaysFrom the book's endpapers“Have you ever spent an evening in early Summer sipping ale on a wooden bench outside a country pub while the old man at your side spins yarns of his early manhood Have you sat in a chimney corner in a flag stoned tap room as an ancient singer in a uavering tenor sings a song that was old when Lord nelson was a boy If you have then cherish the memory For these are the last remaining drops of the living essence of English country life”This begins SONGS AND SOUTHERN BREEZES the story of Bob Copper’s wanderings in Sussex and Hampshire in search of old songs and stories of the English countryside By now 1973 the last gen.

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Songs and Southern Breezes Characters É 106 Osopher in his spare time; and splendid old Fanny Thorn who awarded the British Empire Medal for a lifetime of service on the land was still going strong at ninety threeThen there are the singers; fishermen of Hastings recalling contemporary accounts of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow in their songs; the council hedger keeping alive memories of long forgotten crimes such as a young girl’s murder in ‘Poison in a Glass of Wine’ and many others Fifty songs are collected with full words and music at the back of this book some wistful some earthily comic telling of the old life its hardships its rewards and perhaps most appealing of all the rich sense of fun of the people who lived i.