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  • Heroes of the Titanic
  • Anne Marie Welsh
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  • 05 October 2020
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Heroes of the Titanic Read & Download í 108 Ere there that fateful night Their tales remind us that a person of any age and from any walk of life can become a he. Intended for younger audiences but I loved this book This book is oddly shaped short and extremely long but makes for a great coffee table book Information inside is extremely fascinating Loved reading the stories of those who survived and wishing all had made it off of the ship This book also contains facts about the ship and stories of those who did not survive

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Heroes of the Titanic Read & Download í 108 Than 2200 people were aboard Now you can relive the fateful voyage of the Titanic through the stories of those who w. Mostly the same facts I ve been reading in the other Titanic stuff I ve encountered recently Having read the 101 book which tried to dispell some of the myths I m a bit cautious about readily believing things that these shorter children s books are stating as pure fact I liked the format of the book about 4 inches tall and when opened it is between 2 and 3 feet long Fun to see the Titanic layout with labeled parts in a long book I knew the stories of the people they picked as heroes and wondered about at least one of them It seemed like the same old stuff to me but that is after reading a lot of Titanic books in the last 2 monthsI got this particular copy from a Scholastic warehouse when my Mom took us shopping on my last vacation It s pretty much what got me geared up to revel in my Titanic obsession for the beginning of this year

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Heroes of the Titanic Read & Download í 108 From the back cover On April 14 1912 the world's largest ship struck an iceberg and sank into the Atlantic Ocean More. I enjoyed this bookSince it s geared for a younger audience I already was aware of most of the information in it since I love learning about the doomed vessel but I found it engaging I like the avenue it went down exploring the heroics of that terrible night