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History Between Their Ears review Æ 108 Otion the sophisticated technology by which than 60 million households receive modern television While some of their history is documented much of it resides “between the ears” of the pioneers who created it This volume is based primarily on the Technological Oral Histories of many individuals who played key roles in the history of cable TV recorded and transcribed with the support and encouragement.

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History Between Their Ears review Æ 108 Of the Richard Schneider Memorial project of the National Cable Television Center and Museum Informal telephone interviews and the author’s own experience helped to fill in the gaps Many documents collected with the interviews and all of the transcripts are retained by the Cable Center for scholarly research or just plain fun Oral history transcripts are also accessible on the Internet at cablecenteror.

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History Between Their Ears review Æ 108 FEW CABLE TV ENGINEERS AND TECHNICIANS LIVE IN THE RAREFIED ATMOSPHERE OF A BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORY OR A UNIVERSITY CAMPUS Almost without exception they were in constant touch with the harsh discipline of the bottom line This book tells the story of how these imaginative and creative engineers with credentials ranging from amateur radio and military electronics to prestigious doctorate degrees set in m.

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