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  • The Telescreen
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  • 05 February 2018
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Read & download Ñ The Telescreen G underpinned by fallacious reasoning Example Iran and Ira slandered as murderously planning to unleash WMDs while the US really has and uses them for genocide against target nations Information warfare The bias of educational TV shows like the History Channel Trusted figures hired to peddle suspect messages Journalists who stray from the party line into real issues are fired Exploiting the herd instinct to impose conformity Psychological tyranny is effective than brute force An artificial consciousness is dinned into people by constant electronic stimuli They depend on it and on pharmaceutical drugs too for a feeling of well being they are addicts Appendix Infowars articles the NWO is taking over the patriot and truth movements seemingly attacking itself We need Jeffersonian militias not gun control J P Leona.

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Read & download Ñ The Telescreen The Telescreen is the pervasive media screen put in front of and injected into the eyes and ears of humans in the American electronic techno culture This begins from birth and moulds consciousness throughout life not a genuine human consciousness but rather is a less than human despiritualized semi consciousness People today continually flood their consciousnesses with images and impressions from television videogames church radio billboards textbooks magazines newspapers etc the telescreen world of Orwell's 1984 The Telescreen is about how this pseudosphere destroys consciousness and society as humans give their attention consciousness and vital spirit to the telescreen The result is a society of unholy subhumans who no longer act like they have souls They cannot turn off the telescreen world even to have din.

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Read & download Ñ The Telescreen Ner and talk to each other or to their children When they do talk it is mostly about impressions from the telescreen world Their inner subjective consciousness is constructed and formed by the telescreen leading to a world of despiritualization and warmongering by hordes of conformist petty unhappy troll like yes men Jeff Grupp The telescreens of 1984 substituted fiction lives for the empty ones of a brainwashed population as in Plato's cave Grupp drives it home that this is our world now Some features of this dream world of The Telescreen Materialism and consumerism make people into robots shallow stooges Degrading self images down dumbing education of drills not thinking skills War propaganda fed on pure fakery and repetition by the media censored of truth and filled with non news gossip and cant Brainwashin.