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Free read You Suck ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Being undead sucks Literally Just ask C Thomas Flood Waking up after a fantastic night unlike anything he's ever experienced he discovers that his girlfriend Jody is a vampire And surprise Now he's one t. Funny with some definitely uotable moments However for me Moore s vampire series is the weakest of his work That s not an insult I still enjoy them and definitely snicker out loud in ways that make those around me pick up their things and stealthily move away from the crazy person but they re a little too wink wink nudge nudge sometimes in their humor What impresses me with Moore is that often among all of the wacky chaos he can sneak up on you with a beautiful turn of phrase or moment that catches you off guard The scene where Jody feeds off of a man with terminal cancer is beautiful and touching without being maudlin Don t worry that there are too many moments like this though as there s plenty of Moore s trademark heinous fuckery most foulCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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Free read You Suck ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Nibbled on Jody wasn't supposed to be recruiting Even worse Tommy's erstwhile turkey bowling pals are out to get him at the urging of a blue dyed Las Vegas call girl named duh Blue And that really sucks. Years ago I read Lamb by Christopher Moore and loved it I m not sure if my tastes have changed or if Moore s output is just not consistent but I hated this book In fact this may actually be the worst book I ve ever read I considered uitting at several points but with books and movies I have a need to see how they end even if I don t like them so I trudged onFor starters I didn t realize right away that this book is a seuel If this is indicated anywhere on my copy of the book I sure don t see it That having been said this series isn t exactly Game of Thrones so I didn t feel too lost by starting on book 2 but there were certain parts of the story that I felt like might have made sense if I had read the books in orderAlmost immediately after I started this book Moore s writing style started to irritate me The first 34 or so of this book is almost all dialogue This gets a little better toward the end once the climax starts and there s action but by that point I just wanted to get it over with and didn t really care anyEven worse than the excessive dialogue is the fact that I was ambivalent at best about the characters Most of them I actively disliked Many reviews of this book even negative ones mentioned that they enjoyed Abby Normal s diary entries but I couldn t even get into those I didn t feel invested in what was happening to any of the characters which made for a pretty boring read At one point midway through the book I actually started to have some hope during a scene in which Jody is walking through the city alone at night and the book gets into how she loves to walk around at night as a vampire and feel powerful and in control after being scared to do the same thing as a human woman I empathized with that and began to feel like okay maybe I can connect to this character Unfortunately a couple of pages later Moore went back to dead hooker jokes or something and completely lost me againSpeaking of the jokes I feel like a lot of this book s sins could have been forgiven if it was actually funny I can t uite put my finger on why but I never even cracked a smile It felt like Moore was trying too hard I could tell when it was supposed to be funny but none of the jokes actually struck me as such In fact many jokes in this book are downright offensive Now I m no prude I love a lot of humor that is dirty or politically incorrect when it s done right This was not The book feels like it was written by a thirteen year old boy The constant objectification of women really grated on my nerves That along with racial slurs jokes about rape and necrophilia and flippant asides about things like eating disorders and Columbine that I think were actually meant to be funny was just too muchAfter reading this book I m tempted to go back and re read Lamb to see if it s as good as I thought it was but to be honest I think it s going to be a while before I can bring myself to pick up a Christopher Moore book again

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Free read You Suck ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Oo For some couples the whole biting and blood thing would have been a deal breaker But Tommy and Jody are in love and they vow to work through their issues But word has it that the vampire who initially. When I picked up this book to fulfill a book club reuirement I did not know that it was the second book of a trilogy I don t feel that I missed much I think the Author gave enough of a backstory that I did not need to go back and read the first book For me it did well as a stand alone book I didn t love it but I didn t hate it either I liked it It had some clever and funny moments The part of the book I enjoyed most was Abby s diary entries They were fun