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  • Iron Man by Kurt Busiek Sean Chen Omnibus
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Kurt Busiek Ç 8 summary

review Iron Man by Kurt Busiek Sean Chen Omnibus Kurt Busiek Ç 8 summary read Ô eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Kurt Busiek Ecting Iron Man 1 25 Annual 1999; Captain America 8; uicksilver 10; Avengers 7; Iron Man Captain America Annual 1998; Fantastic Four 15; Thor 17; Peter Parker Spider Man 11; Juggernaut The Eighth Day; Iron Man The Iron Age 1 2. Heroes Reborn 1 6 A nice new start for Iron Man I like the creation of Stark Solutions though Stark forming a new company seems to have become obligatory in years since I also appreciate the inclusion of Pepper in the supporting cast Finally the stories are exciting I was impressed that Busiek even made a two issue slugfest with Firebrand interesting 710Live Kree or Die 7 This arc starts off strongly in Iron Man primarily because of the great interactions between Tony and Carol 710 However the rest of the story is much meh there s too much action and not enough characterization or development The constantly swapping characters and the undifferentiated Lunatic Legion don t help 610The Mandarin 8 10 It s good to see the Mandarin revealed as the big bad of Busiek s first year but his Mandarin just isn t as impressive as Matt Fraction s Mandarin many years later He s too much of a super villain complete with giant dragon ship 610Annual 98 A fine if somewhat forgettable story on the difference between Captain America and Iron Man Waid s scripting is strong 710War Machine 11 12 This is a nice call back to the War Machine era a good intro of yet another villain and a nice climax to Tony s health problems All around a good superhero story 710Dominator 13 A surprisingly strong done in one story because it builds out of Tony s current problems the return of Rummiko also helps 710FF Ronan 14 This two part crossover with the Fantastic Four is a real yawner It unfortunately focuses on some of Claremont s fetishes and offers Iron Man almost no character time of his own 510Nitro Fin Fang Foom 15 17 Unfortunately Stern taking over as scripter and co plotter doesn t seem to have done the comic any favors at first These issues are all entirely mediocre There s some nice characterization of Happy and that s about it 510Machinery of War 18 20 Fortunately the next arc was a return to form as we got a followup to the War Machine arc Bain Jocasta and lots of other great story elements The writing isn t as sharp as when Busiek was doing it on his own but it s still an interesting set of issues 710Annual 99 A good follow up to many of Busiek s plotlines with some nice scripting by Casey Pity he never wrote an extended Iron Man arc as his corporate superheroing is perfect Tony 710Burning Need 21 Another good story of Tony Carol I m not sure they re making any progress but they re interesting character pieces 710The Eighth Day 21 22 This big crossover is imminently skippable It derails the plots of all three of the comics that it s crossing over undercuts the character of Juggernaut and offers up a bunch of new villains who are entirely bland and dull 310Ultimo 23 25 A fine conclusion to Busiek s run Ultimo makes a good final adversary and it s nice to get some follow up to the weird villains from 18 but the conclusion of the Carol Danvers arc is at least as good as the rest 710The Iron Age And this is Busiek s best Iron Man Not exactly an origin story but instead an Untold Tale The best part of it is the narration by Happy and Pepper which is very strong but the story itself is also a fun one 810Overall I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed by Busiek s Iron Man I think it s the weakest of the longer runs that he s done Despite that it s a nice adjunct to his Avengers that s worth reading especially the better parts of the run which are largely the parts that don t cross over It s a pity that Busiek didn t do Iron Man writing with the uality of The Iron Age

review Iron Man by Kurt Busiek Sean Chen OmnibusIron Man by Kurt Busiek Sean Chen Omnibus

review Iron Man by Kurt Busiek Sean Chen Omnibus Kurt Busiek Ç 8 summary read Ô eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Kurt Busiek Ot enough Iron Man must face Firebrand Whiplash MODOK Controller Fin Fang Foom Count Nefaria the Exemplars Ultimo and the all new War Machine while romancing the beautiful Rumiko Fujikawa and protecting his secret identityColl. only read 11 25 for the post live kree or die event eventually i ll move this to currently reading because i do want to finish this series tony is so lovely the writing is chefs kiss a little blue eyed angel

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review Iron Man by Kurt Busiek Sean Chen Omnibus Kurt Busiek Ç 8 summary read Ô eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Kurt Busiek It's a new beginning for Iron Man as Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen reinvent the Ard AvengerTony Stark is back with a new company Stark Solutionsbut the Mandarin plans to destroy Tony's dreams before they take shape And if that's n. Iron Man was one the series that I immediately took a liking to when I first strayed to read comics back in the 80s I specifically remember the first Armor Wars storyline This collection is all of Busiek s Iron Man stories and for the most part they were all highly enjoyable I especially liked the fact they didn t feel like they were being published strictly to end up in a collection My only compliant is the all of the crossovers that were included that I could have dealt without Just feel so unnecessary I was also reminded of my extreme dislike of Thor