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Revealing You

Revealing You characters ¾ 107 EttingRevealing You is written by a birthmother who 'gets it' for birthmothers who need to know they are not alone This is a train you don't get off of and birthmothers will need help Revealing You can help because friend your story isn't over y.

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Revealing You characters ¾ 107 Revealing You is a journey through personal discovery emotional awareness and spiritual healing after placing a child for adoption It is a space to be and feel with freedom and honesty This journal will challenge birthmothers to process through.

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Revealing You characters ¾ 107 The rough waters of placing a child for adoption and facilitate healing as they write With a wide variety of topics specific to birthmothers post placement this valuable resource can be used individually for one on one counseling or in a group s.

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  • Paperback
  • 300
  • Revealing You
  • Michelle Thorne
  • en
  • 02 October 2020
  • 9781512087086