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  • Leave it to Psmith
  • P.G. Wodehouse
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  • 16 September 2020
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P.G. Wodehouse ✓ 6 Summary

review Leave it to Psmith P.G. Wodehouse ✓ 6 Summary Leave it to Psmith Free read ´ 6 Dering in and out of romantic suspenseful and invariably hilarious situations Psmith is in the great Wodehouse traditi. Wodehouse at his hilarious genius best The weaving of the plot the density of the action the humorous use of uotations the whole lovely farce are remarkable I do love Psmith

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review Leave it to Psmith P.G. Wodehouse ✓ 6 Summary Leave it to Psmith Free read ´ 6 En though there is money in fish and decided to support himself by doing anything that he is hired to do by anyone Wan. Reading P G Wodehouse can dispel the clouds bring tulips into bloom in the dead of winter make adorable putti with parchment scrolls fly around your head and elicit a hardy laugh at all times If you have never read Wodehouse I am deeply sorry for youLeave It to Psmith is not the best of his novels but it is as good a place to start exploring his inexhaustible array of country houses eccentric gentry American gunmen and their molls deranged poetesses rank impostors hateful and efficient male secretaries and wayward Scottish gardeners Not to mention the lovely popsies like Eve Halliday and yes all the down at heels young men those free young spirits who had chafed at the prospect of being herded into the drawing room on the eventful night to listen to Psmith s reading of Song of Sualor As far as the Reggies Berties Claudes and Archies at that moment enjoying Lord Emsworth s hospitality were concerned the thing ie the theft of a necklace was top hole priceless and indisputably what the doctor ordered They spent a great deal of their time going from one country house to another and as a rule found the routine a little monotonous A happening like that of the previous night gave a splendid zip to rural life And when they reflected that right on top of this binge there was coming the County Ball it seemed to them that God was in His heaven and all right with the world They stuck cigarettes in long holders and collected in groups chattering like starlingsIf the wacky characters don t get you there is that wonderfully arresting use of the English language which will have you guffawing in the library For instance You re the sort of dumb Isaac that couldn t find a bass drum in a telephone booth Or even better A depressing musty scent pervaded the place as if a cheese had recently died there in painful circumstances Then there is that not unpleasant emptiness which is the silent luncheon gong of the soul One character the obnoxious but efficient Baxter staring through his spectacles often gave people the impression of possessing an eye that could pierce six inches of harveyized steel and stick out the other sideYou may not know any than I do what is harveyized steel but you can no doubt appreciate that the English language is being given an intensive workoutMost of the action takes place at Blandings Castle near Market Blandings where Lord Emsworth is deeply involved in raising prizewinning flowers If you know your Wodehouse you will note that I have not mentioned the Empress of Blandings that prize pig which will in future Blandings novels take up all of Lord Emsworth s considerable devotions But in 1924 when Leave It to Psmith was written Emsworth had not yet taken this little piggy to marketOh hell what can I say I was intensely amused as I always am when reading Wodehouse s best efforts such as this novel

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review Leave it to Psmith P.G. Wodehouse ✓ 6 Summary Leave it to Psmith Free read ´ 6 A debononair young Englishman Psmith the p is silent as in phthisis psychic and ptarmigan has uit the fish business ev. I didn t know Psmith was a series and I didn t know this was the last book in said seriesBut it didn t matterLike most of the Jeeves or Blandings books even if you don t know anything prior to picking one up they function very well as humorous self contained storiesPsmith unlike most of Wodehouse s main characters is a lucky bastard that seems to fall into opportunity at every turn He sees the woman of his dreams steals an umbrella to impress her impersonates a poet to be near her and foils a robbery to clinch the deal and waltzes off into the sunset without any repercussions Now I m going to have to track down the first Psmith book and read about what happened to him to get him to the spot he was in when we first meet him hereGood stuff Read by Jonathan Cecil