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  • 11 November 2019
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Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub · James Conroy Literally Dead Download Å 109 James Conroy · 9 Download Clarence Darrow join Amos in his search for the real murderer of both the society's vice chairman and his own father Will the pen prove mightier than the pistol Will mercenary police politicians and money barons meet with justice Or will Jansen fail to solve the mystery and wind up literally dead. Literally Dead is an engrossing satirical murder mystery set in 1930 19s Chicago during the Great Depression those grand old days of gangsters corrupt policing and Prohibition At the heart of the story is a poor writer named Amos Jansen who gets wrongly arrested for a murder he doesn 19t commit Supporting him eager to prove his innocence are a bevy of real literary figures of the time among them Ernest Hemingway Clarence Darrow and Edna St Vincent Millay along with a few others I loved the way the author made Ernest Hemingway come to life 13 crusty wily charismatic and witty I could not get enough It made the story highly entertaining Along with a fascinating mystery to unravel there were pleasant laughs along the way If you are looking for something different in historical fiction this rich enchanting story is sure to entertain you from start to finish I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it Exceedingly charming

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Literally Dead

Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub · James Conroy Literally Dead Download Å 109 James Conroy · 9 Download Hat is until he is arrested for murder The scapegoat of a perfidious lieutenant Jansen stands wrongly accused while his idols rally around him Literary personalities the likes of Ernest Hemingway Carl Sandburg Edna St Vincent Millay Nelson Algren and HL Mencken as well as civil liberties war horse. Chicago Chicago my kind of townbut at the moment it definitely wasn t Amos Jansen s kind of town since he is being accused of murder simply because he found his boss Dwight Eldon dead at his desk Amos only saving grace was that Ernest Hemingway and Carl Sandburg yes both of those famous authors came to his rescue and got him out of the interrogation room and out of jail for nowYou will follow the story from present day back to the rioting that caused the death of Amos father You will love the characters especially Nelson who is an aspiring author and a real con man who has an answer for any dilemma Nelson is Amos best friend and he even talks Ernest Hemingway into something not above board and gets them both into trouble Underneath all of this though is police corruption and other individuals who are covering up the murder of Amos father and Dwight Eldon while trying to pin it on an innocent personI really enjoyed the book because of the time period because of the numerous famous authors brought in as characters and because it made me laugh out loud at some of the antics It is funny and serious at the same time and is a great inside look at what life was like in Chicago for law abiding and non law abiding citizens in the 1930 s during the depression LITERALLY DEAD is a wonderful history lesson with many names you will definitely want to look up to find out what part they played in America s history of unions and civil liberties Murder mixed with laughter make this book an historical page turner If you want to laugh and truly enjoy a book s characters you will want to read this book 55

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Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub · James Conroy Literally Dead Download Å 109 James Conroy · 9 Download In the midst of the Great Depression one man must do battle against corruption with nothing but his wits and a host of great literary figuresAmos Jansen is merely a clerk He is not a crime fighter the next great writer or a man of privilege He is the humble employee of a Chicago literary society T. The cover of James Conroy s Literally Dead offers a fairly accurate representation of its concerns and characters Chicago Corruption Unions Money Barons Hemingway Algren Sandburg Millay Mencken Darrow I entered the First Reads contest for this novel because of its promoted cast I tend to gravitate toward literary mysteries Mathew Pearl s The Dante Club and The Poe Shadow for example Despite Conroy s interest in such figures his own work did not strike me as particularly literary at least not in voice He s not likely to be taken for a prose stylist at any rate In fact I can t say that a single sentence really registered with a flourish Visual imagery is minimal Indeed the cover of this novel features words and splotches probably meant to suggest blood splatter but no images that could accurately be described as pictures no urban backdrop for the all capped bold face Yet the cover s spareness seems appropriate for Conroy s aims He might be taking the advice that Hemingway gives the novel s protagonist after reviewing some of the latter s writing Pare it down boil it down extrude the facts and feelings Assign it a specific time and place Discard any clutter Although I found Conroy s dialog to be verbose than Hemingway s I imagine that readers who don t wish to linger over elaborate descriptions of 1930 s Chicago who aren t hankering for focus on Hemingway s nose hairs and chin bristles probably won t mind the methods of Conroy s telling I find that I need imagery to keep me interested in conversation unless of course the script is being interpreted and enacted on a stage Indeed I sometimes wondered if Conroy had tried his hand at play or screen writing The emphasis on wise guy dialog with occasional gunplay would seem perfect for such a platform Although I can t award three stars to this novel I would grant it 275 if such a rating were possible I enjoyed the representation of Algren and learned a bit about communist party history along the way At least Conroy has stimulated my interest in the biographies of the writers he honored with this text I also plan to read another Hemingway treatment The Paris Wife by Paula McClain if only to get a female perspective