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Ward characters Lover Mine Ainst the attraction to John Matthew Until fate intervenes and she discovers that love like destiny is inevitabl. 5 John Mathews is MINE Stars Some things are destined to be it just takes us a couple of triesto get there JM If you are following The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by now you already know all the characters that we have so deeply fallen in love with since the very beginning However if you have not Go read them Ward has an amazing way to pull you into a story bring all your emotions anxiety and gives you an amazing roller coaster ride full of suspense and an adventure full of action that will stick with you forever Trust me you will be wanting of these brothers LOVER MINE is the story of John Mathews aka Tehrror and Xhex aka Xhexania and is book 8th on this series This series takes place in the city of Caldwell NY In a world of Vampires Sympaths they can sense emotions and control minds Lessers humans that were killed by the evil Omega he removed their hearts and converted them to soulless evil creatures to work for him and of course the Humans The Vampires protect their bloodline and fight against the evil Omega and his lessers society that he has created and to keep the humans safe as well John Mathews is a vampire who is mute and unable to speak My boy has gone through a lot of sadness and trauma in his young life until the brotherhood found him and saved him He is now one big madafucker warrior that fights with the brotherhood He was a warrior who at some point in the series fell in love with Xhex and there was just no going back for him He wanted to protect her but she wouldn t let him in because she didn t know how to have someone cared for her even if he thought the feeling was not mutual The truth washe was in love with her Totally over the line no going back not even dead would he part kind of shit JM Xhex is a half Vampire half Sympath She is a bad ass female assassin who always watched her own back and depended on no one She also had a hard sad young past so she was a very hard rock to break through John had a difficult childhood of his own and his inability to speak made this relationship uniue because even thought he couldn t communicate by speaking only through sign language she could sense his feelings and emotions and some times read his thoughts It worked for them You re not half the male you could be because of what was done to you You re twice what anyone else is because you survived Xhex Xhex and JM were absolutely perfect for each other Their sad and traumatic past and the chemistry between these too was just too much sometimes I sobbed for JM I sobbed for Xhex for all the pain and the shit they both went through See the thing was both were survivors and they never gave up So in a way I completely understand their struggles they went through to finally be together In the silence she felt the past and the present shift and mix but that was a mirage There was no way to comfort the lost boy he d been back then But she had the grown maleShe had him right in her arms and for a brief moment of whimsy she imagined that she was never ever going to let him go Xhex When a male of honor finds his soul mate everyone knows it by the scent and spices that brings out of the male body it s called BONDED When a couple is bounded the male is really over protective over their female and shit happens if anyone tries to hurt them The book started right where book 7 left off That evil Lash son of the Omega had stolen Xhex and kept her captive for his own evil doing The ugly things he did to her had me so angry and upset and ughhhMy emotions were going wild I freaking hated him since the beginning of the series and this book made me hate him John Mathews was a wild mess searching and searching to find her He felt hopeless at some times and trying to find her I was dying inside with him just freaking anxious I wanted to hurt Lash so much Lots of shit happened lots of fighting and action with the Vampires and Lessers thought this book Xhex was able to get herself out of on her own only because Lash was getting weaker because he was going through a transformation of his own into the darkness However she wouldn t accept anyone s help and she was about to die and my baby John found her and saved her GawdI loved him so much for it He was the absolute ultimate male of honor the amazing alpha on this book He was everything Possessive over Xhex and protective too She was stubborn but his true love without expecting anything in return won her over and she finally gave into his love She too was a bad ass bitch who took possessiveness over him and saved his life couple of times as well Their sex was freaking amazing OMGSUPER HOT You are so beautiful he mouthed But of course she couldn t see his lips Guess he was going to have to show her JM When she orgasmed she said his name Twice And didn t it make him glad that even though he had no voice his ears worked just fine JM I am trying not to chock while writing this review because it was so emotional My anxiety levels were up in the sky The sexual tension was so much to bare between huinn and Blay it hurt so much it was painful Even thought I am not into MM you can t help liking these two because you fell in love with both characters from book one and I know I m up for a hell of a heartbreak until I can get to their book which is 11 We saw a little of Payne on this book too and I can t wait to read hers next The little bits of pieces we got on this book just gutted me Omg seriously her twin brother my man V and herthey just had no clue about each other The author always seems to have side stories thought and sometimes it kind of slows the books a little but these couple of side stories I really enjoyed because OMG they made so much sense at the end like seriously I was in shocked and amazed on how beautifully it all clicked at the end The first side story was about Darius and Tohr it was just beautiful I sobbed for that mother and that baby it was just too much but then everything made so much sense at the end it felt so good I felt so much relief and happiness The second side story was about a couple who where filming a live hunted house it was about a ghost story I had no idea why on the hell that story was relevant until the end I was like omfg holy shitThe ending was EPIC I mean absolutely beautiful I was so happy for JM Xhex they finally get their happy ending The tension anxiety of what is to come for the entire Brotherhood is so intense and I just cannot wait to see what is in store on the next books Overall I think this book was by far my favorite one since I started the series I freaking loved everything about it and I cannot wait to read about my favorite brothers I would hold you up I will ever hold you up and hold you dear lover mine JM

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Read & Download Lover Mine 104 characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ J.R. Ward characters Lover Mine He Brotherhood no one could guess what his true history was or his true identityXhex has long steeled herself ag. Okay I m giving this book four stars not because of its literary prowess but because of its enjoyabilityHowever after eight books in this series I have a serious problem Well frankly I had a problem from the first book but I ve already reviewed that oneMy big problem is in the characters and the gender roles they embody Now there s been a great deal of criticism over JR Ward s treatment of female characters in these books Xhex and Payne are like a bandaid she uses to patch this up Now honestly I am one of the few who actually always liked Xhex as a character It didn t change in this book John Matthews was always one of my most liked characters Their show in this book was kind of stolen by Blay and uinn who I found myself desperately hoping would have some kind of resolution for their relationship As usual JRWard does what most romantic novelists do She creates characters whose every problem can be fixed by love and great sex I m sorry but I was literally bashing my head on something very hard when Xhex after being held prisoner for almost four weeks and brutally raped several times had great sex with John Matthews No No No I m not even going to go into that one except to say No To all future writers out there Don t do it That is just I have no words for that oneHowever the big problem with the characters wasn t that they weren t likable or interesting or that the woman wasn t eual enough It was the character roles they play JR Ward doesn t seem to get thisIn fact I wonder if she ll ever get this The complaints about poor female characters in her book don t necessitate the creation of female protagonists who are practically men with vaginas Creating a female character who walks talks acts and thinks like a man doesn t create a positive female protagonist especially when she spends so much time complaining about how weak women are Our issues weren t that your women were weak characters okay maybe a little bit but the roles that define them for goodness sakeIn this series the men are men and the women are there to be protected cherished and ultimately invisible The only Only woman who appears repeatedly is Doc Jane and occasionally Ehlena because they need to stitch someone up Why As soon as they are married and happy with their partners do they suddenly become non existent Oh sorry they show up for the inevitable wedding at the end of each book and cry like babies However I get that you JR Ward have been actively trying to give them varied professions and passions and hobbies to make up for the fact that Beth dropped her entire life to go play ueen with Wrath and for several books didn t appear to have anything to fucking do I get that that s why there s now a doctor and a nurse and a counselor and and the director of a female s home etc Now there is Xhex who will be fighting with the big boys Facepalms I don t even know how to touch on this any without breaking out into cussing so inevitably varied and violent that my review will be removed by GoodreadsMy biggest problem isn t actually the female gender roles that are fucked up in these books believe it or not It s the men s The portrayal of masculinity in these books makes me want to cry Studies have shown that whilst an appalling number of women will suffer from violence at the hands of men 25% men are actually so the victims of violence at their own hands 70% of men will at one point or another be the victim of violence against them These books say that to be a man you have to be muscled to within an inch of your life and you must be violent THIS DOESN T HELP THE SITUTATION Every male protagonist in this book is violent animalistic uncontrolled and hyper masculine to the point of ridiculousness Now I m not saying that I prefer the pansy ass sparklepires over something that does than brood in your general direction if you re evil I m just saying that there needs to be a divergent representation of what it is to be male Because frankly masculinity is no tied to the size of your muscles than femininity is to one s beauty My challenge to JR Ward is not to create a female protagonist who embodies positive gender roles but to create a male protagonist that is still masculine and sexy despite the fact that he is not a muscleman who walked out of the caveman era For goodness sake in the reader s guide not a SINGLE male could list a book that they d read that WASN T a book that they d read to Nalla That s right Every single male in the guide doesn t read except to a baby And women must be gentle and protected and kept away That is unless they re a spitfire dead doctor who can t be harmed anyway or a woman with a mangina that can be seen from space

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Read & Download Lover Mine 104 characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ J.R. Ward characters Lover Mine John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans his vampire nature unknown Taken in by T. 5 Well of Soul Stars As she waited for Lash to come back to her her mind drifted to the male she tried never to think of Especially if Lash was around It was unclear how much her captor could get into her head but she didn t want to take chances If the bastard got an itch that that mute soldier was her well of soul as her people called it he would use that against her and John Matthew XhexFirst read 2014Reread 452017SpoilersOMG John Matthew and Xhex God I fucking loved them Their story was so powerful and emotional andjust damn beautiful I was really looking forward to John and Xhex s story as I felt really invested in them This book was everything I wanted and As John and Xhex s story unfolded I was a total wreck My emotions were all over the place One minute I was smiling then I was laughing then crying then aching and swooning my ass off JR Ward is amazing in the way she can write these epic love stories that touch so many people As one of those people all I can say is Thank You These books give me such joy and live in my heart long after I read the last page No you ve got it all wrong John Reading his emotions she shook her head You re not half the male you could be because of what was done to you You re twice what anyone else is because you survived XhexJohn was damn sexy and utterly wonderful The way he was with Xhex so caring and supportive Always putting her first Very protective but he never tried to change Xhex He knew he was in love with a fighter and he didn t disrespect her by acting like she couldn t take care of herself One of the things I loved the most about John Matthew was even though he was totally kick ass he had this vulnerable side His being mute and having been raped when he was a pretran in no way made him weaker they made him stronger a survivor John is my second favorite hero of the series Xhex was also completely amazing A total bad ass in her own right she kicked ass and didn t bother with names So it was heartbreaking and emotional to see her hurt violated and helpless What I love is that she never gave up A fighter til the end she fought with everything she had I also loved how soft she was with John Matthew and John Matthew only She let him in let her guard down with him It was cute how he brought out her girly side to a point She was still kick ass Xhex but still the softness was very endearing Oh John And then he stopped dead lifted his lips from her nipple and smiled so wide it was a wonder he didn t bust off his front teeth His expression was one of total and complete gotcha You are a bastard she said on a laugh He nodded And pressed into her with his full length again It was perfect that he was giving her shit and showing her a little of who was boss Just perfect Somehow it made her respect him even but then she d always loved strength in all its forms Even the teasing kind I m not surrendering you know He pursed his lips and shook his head all oh no of course not And then he started to pull out of her As she growled low in her throat she sank her nails into his ass Where do you think you re going Xhex and John When she orgasmed she said his name Twice And didn t it make him glad that even though he had no voice his ears worked just fine JohnJohn and Xhex together were explosive and sexy as hell OMG they had some major heat When they came together it was raw powerful and totally gave me hot flashes lol Might have been smoother to do that butterfly kisses bullshit Might have shown finesse to tease her with his tongue and his fingertips Fuck that With a raw whipping need he latched onto her core with his mouth sucking her into him taking her deep swallowing her up His orgasm had left some of him on her and he tasted that along with her honey and the bonded male in him relished the combination JohnI loved Blay in this book I was totally pissed at huinn and sick of him hurting Blay If huinn ain t man enough to be with Blay he needs to get the fuck outta the way and let Blay be happy else were I was glad that Blay moved on and started a relationship with Saxton I hated Lash but since he was the bad guy I guess that is a good thing I just wish I had less of him I also couldn t stand the crap about Eliahu RathbooneMuhrder I skipped every bit of it I know JR Ward said she plans to bringing Muhrder back and that is fine but he better keep his ass away from my John s Xhex If he comes back and starts crap for Xhex and John Imma be pissed just sayin I loved that Tohr and John made up It was fun getting to see the back story for Tohr Darius No One and Xhex Again it needs to be said that Z was just amazing every time he showed up on the page The way he put himself out there and told John about his past to help Xhex was so sweet Z has grown so much since book 1 Lover Mine was such a epic read I was so invested in Xhex and John s story They are my second favorite couple right after Z and Bella Their powerful connection and touching love story made for hours of happy feels And their Mating was beautiful I loved this book Payne was great in this book and I know her book is next I am so looking forward to her story John leaned in and pressed his lips to hers then he stretched out beside her His body was exhausted but his heart was alive with a joy so pure it was like the sunlight he didn t get to see any He was a mute ass motherfucker with a nasty past and a night job that involved fighting evil and slaughtering the undead And in spite of all that he d gotten the girl John You don t go after what s mine Now be a good boy and gut yourself XhexThen you would hold me up wouldn t you He traced over her features with his fingertips And as he did for some strange reason he felt the arms of infinity wrapping around them both holding them close linking them forever Yes he mouthed I would hold you up I will ever hold you up and hold you dear lover mine Xhex and John