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Summary Glycosis

characters ´ Glycosis 109 Can true love triumph in a world of sweetness that is often false and sometimes fatal This is the essential uestion of Glycosis the debut novel of author Laurence D Chalem that probes the natural and man made worlds to chart a rare romantic union that is in grave and gripping danger Expanding the lexicon Glycosis is a tastefully told love story set on a San Diego campus that surges with suspense and intelligence It’s certain to absorb anyone taken by the mysteries of the human heart and intricate life of the mind whether lovers of legal or medical thrillers or anyone who relishes a well crafted smart read On the sunny c.

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characters ´ Glycosis 109 Ampus of the University of California San Diego Michelle a stunning witty undergraduate from Korea along with her two fine and fun loving friends find their destinies crossed with David when Michelle discovers him playing some of her favorite classical compositions A brilliant gifted doctoral student in evolutionary biology David and his mentor Professor Ross are making new strides in evolutionary theory Just as David and Michelle deepen their connection a dashing ex Berkeley man threatens their premature demise Sporting a yellow Hummer John invites the four of them to his house in the hills to have a drink enjoy the view.

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characters ´ Glycosis 109 And meet his pets It will change them all for the rest of their lives Can David and Michelle surmount the grave obstacles that may upend their uncommon bond In Glycosis the science is real the story compelling and the food delicious Subtly shaded with symbolism the novel transitions from the celestial to the oceanic and from a sports bar to the ICU and beyond Throughout sensory detail of music and food will immerse you in the world of these characters from piano concertos to pop music from junk food to fine wine To battle evil the lovers must learn new skills Join them on a thought provoking thoroughly surprising journey.

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  • Glycosis
  • Laurence D. Chalem
  • English
  • 17 October 2018
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