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Read & Download Monster Mission á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ark Crazy characters and wildly funny adventures make Eva Ibbotson's seventh comic fantasy novel for children another certain winner 'For children who like Roald Dahl Eva Ibbotson's Monster Mission will be a discovery it is engaging funny and opinionated a treat not to be missed' The Sunday Times. Sisters Etta Cora and Myrtle are getting older and they know that they re going to need some help taking care of the creatures that reside on their island What they need are a couple of strong open minded children Children nobody seems to want Children who will grow up on the island and learn to love and care for the creatures that come there for help There doesn t seem to be any other way to get such children except to kidnap them So that s what the sisters decide to doWhen Minette and Fabio first come to the island they don t love it instantly but once they find out the special creatures they will be taking care of they grow to love it But what will happen when the future of the island is threatenedAnother hit by Ibbotson She tells the story with wit and humor It s funny and touching with a dash of adventure Highly recommended for fantasy fans

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Read & Download Monster Mission á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Hey live is a sanctuary for strange and wonderful creatures mermaids selkies the amazing boobrie bird and even the great Kraken himself The kidnapped children love their magical new life but the Island of Monsters has become the target of some dangerous villians who want to turn it into a theme p. Having read and loved Ibbotson s The Great Ghost Rescue I had high hopes for my journey to the Island of the Aunts And I must now consider myself an Ibbotson fan I love her style For me it is the closet thing to JK Rowling s that I ve found in terms of characterization and humor and blending magic with the real world but Ibbotson also has her own flare and it just makes me smile to read her workThat said I must say I was a little disappointed with Island of the Aunts Maybe my expectations were too high as I know it s one of her most popular titles but I finished the book feeling a bit unfulfilled I felt it walked the line between being a book about fantastical creatures and being a book about the real world problems faced by the characters and I m not sure either was fully developed in conseuence It s fun to meet all the magical creatures on the island and I love the idea of taking care of them but again there wasn t too much focus on that I also think it s important to show a story where children don t have a happy family life but somehow find fulfillment through the natural world through other people who care about them and through becoming aware of their own potential and worth which Ibbotson does But I also didn t feel that the children grow as much as they could have And there were some plot threads that never uite cleared up what is right and wrong not that I think all kids books should be clearly black and white but again I think stories like Harry Potter do a wonderful job of showing the variations in people such as Dumbledore not always being perfect but ultimately choosing to do right while still allowing that there are universal truths good and bad ways if we must label them of dealing with situations and I felt that was lacking in Island of the Aunts I was left a bit unsure of how I was supposed to feel again I appreciate a story that doesn t put a neat little bow on a Hallmark card moral of the story but I just felt it could have been a bit stronger since it seemed to be a book with a messageComplaints aside this is still a charmingly written humorous story that should appeal to both boys and girls There is an underlying message of caring for the natural world and especially its creatures and this is a great novel if you are looking for books with an environmental theme And oh how I wish that the Kraken could swim past our shores these days spreading his message of peace and harmony

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Read & Download Monster Mission á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook 'ATTACK OF THE KILLER AUNTS' scream the headlines 'AUNT PLAGUE MENACES CITY' Three children have been kidnapped by some mysterious mad aunts and panic is spreading But Myrtle Coral and Etta are far from killers they need the children to help them in a very caring mission The secret island where t. I just finished reading this book to my son who is nine and he expressed curiosity about whether there was a seuel which surprised me He never complained while I read it which surprised me first because Island of the Aunts is not like the books he reads on his own and I myself had some mixed feelings about the storyAn appreciation of Eva Ibbotson in the Horn Book a year or two ago convinced me to pick this up Like other reviewers here I loved the author s writing style which was lyrical and enjoyably precise wonderful to read aloud because it was impossible not to read it with expression even when tiredThe aunts of the title care secretly for a large number of sea creatures some that are ordinary but others that aren t like mermaids and selkie The aunts advancing age worries them and they kidnap a few children to inherit their tasks which complicates the message about caring for the environmentocean a bit There are a few places where her message is not muddled but actually suspect She is a careful writer I think and I believe she means what she says The book could therefore inspire some good conversations about right and wrong and responsibility when taking action about complex issues like stewardship of the environment Two of the children they kidnap fair well one doesn t Like Roald Dahl her characters are capable of outrageous acts and her villains are shockingly mean the aunts aren t the villains and so real that they are in fact worse than evil because they are so damn humanDespite the powerful description and the extraordinary elegance of her writing I was disappointed that I did not end up feeling closer to the two main children Minette and Fabio who I liked but whose viewpoints and personalities were never really allowed to suffuse the narrative I was surprised my son expressed interest in a seuel because the old aunts and their concerns dominated which is not a bad experience for children and definitely attests to Ibbotson s skills but the lack filled me with regret because Minette and Fabio were such good kids and perceiving their wonder and transformation from the inside a little might have been uplifting and joyousI know Ibbotson has passed away It might be interesting to continue Minette and Fabio s story in fan fiction