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  • Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1
  • Sandra Owens
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  • 06 October 2019
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Sandra Owens ↠ 6 characters

Summary Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1 Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Sandra Owens Sandra Owens ↠ 6 characters Dream she once shared with her twin sister Jenny made a deathbed promise to her sister that she would go to all the places they had fantasized visiting together Nothing will entice her to break her vow to Natalie not even the sexy new Blue Ridge Valley police chief No matter how attracted she is to himDylan Conrad left the Chicago Police Department to ac. Just Jenny is just fantastic In fact it s five stars fantasticIt s the first book in Sandra Owens Blue Ridge Valley Series and if this book is any indication the rest of the series will be a must read The book centers around Jenny who plans to travel the world to honor a deathbed wish from her twin sisterTo complicate matters Jenny starts to have feelings for the new police chief of Blue Ridge Valley when Chief Dylan Conrad steps in to help Jenny get rid of the boyfriend who refuses to accept their relationship is overDylan is fighting his own demons so the road won t be easy for couple due to their seemingly insurmountable obstacles I loved all the references to the way of life the uirky hilarious characters one runaway bull and the tell it like it is mentality You ll want to stay up all night to finish this one Then you ll anxiously await book two

Summary Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1

Summary Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1 Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Sandra Owens Sandra Owens ↠ 6 characters The small mountain town of Blue Ridge Valley is the home of three best friends Jenny Autumn and Savannah Each woman believes she has her life perfectly planned  but there is a saying in the mountains If everything is coming your way you’re in the wrong laneJenny Nance has a plan save enough money to tour the world The desire to traipse the globe is a. This is yet another story about a Hero who is grieving for his dead wife I think lately that this is the only theme I seem to come across whether it is in the blurb or notAnyhoo Hero was a cop in Chicago and married to a woman that he had been in love with Even though she was high maintenance and had depression issues throughout their marriage he was still widely in love with her until he came home one day and found her having sex with his partner friend Hurt he asked her for a divorce and she ended up committing suicideTwo years later Hero feeling guilty haunted by his wife who talks to him in his sleep every night leaves Chicago to start fresh in a new town where he meets a red headed bartender Jenny who he is immediately smitten with but all he wants is to have some fun while he is in town Jenny made a promise to her dead twin sister to travel all over the world She befriends Dylan tries her hardest to not fall for him because she knows he is still grieving for his wife because she will be leaving soonWhile the MC s were likable the fact that Hero constantly talked to his dead wife we were given a window into their marriage of how much he loved worshiped her body was a big turn off for me because I felt that heroine settled for second best This is the theme for these type of reads where Hero was in love with his dead wife and still grieving It makes this reader at least feel that the main story is between the ex Hero with heroine always being the one he settles for because he is lonely vs in loveI will say that in this story the Hero states It wasn t that I was still in love with my wife I wasn t I would always love her though but for the way we d once been not how we d ended By then I hadn t liked her very much though he did say that even though she had hurt him he still wanted her not wanted her While I get the author was trying to tell a story here about a guy who was hurt grieving for his wife as well as feeling guilty it ended taking away any romance that was building between the Hero heroine until all I could focus on was his previous relationshipThis is a safe read and this is just my personal view so don t let it stop you from reading it if this theme doesn t bother you

Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Sandra Owens

Summary Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1 Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Sandra Owens Sandra Owens ↠ 6 characters Cept the position as Chief of Police in Blue Ridge Valley Burned out and haunted by a tragedy of his own he needs to get away from the memories tormenting him He’s hoping to find peace in the small mountain town but the uirky residents an infamous moonshiner an errant prized bull and a feisty redhead by the name of Jenny weren’t uite what he had in mi. I absolutely loved Just Jenny It s Book one in the highly anticipated new series Blue Ridge ValleyI ve been excited to read it it waseverything I thought it would be a million times You will fall in love with Jenny DylanIt s a sizzling sexy funny touching story Jenny has lived her whole life in Blue Ridge Valley Her dream the promise she made is to travel see the world Dylan has been hired as the town s new police Chief He had been working for the Chicago PD Dylan was in desperate need for a chance to leave all the bad memories behind The story really pulled all my heartstrings It is a beautiful story and makes you believe there really is true love out thereI HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE