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Bob Pearson ô 7 Download Download Storytizing 107 With the boom of e commerce and socialmedia companies no longer hold primary control over their brand message They now share that power with customers That shift means companies must create agile marketing campaigns that solicit the feedback and participation of key influencers In this new day and age businesses and their customers tell the story collectively advertising is pass; welcome to Storytizing Storytizing explains how marketing professionals can employ sophisticated new tools to better understand how bra.

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Bob Pearson ô 7 Download Download Storytizing 107 Into those who lead those who share and those who lurk and learn Deploy similar tools to help transform your employees into influential brand ambassadors Learn from the experiences of peers with contributions from some of the world's top marketing professionals In his first book PreCommerce Pearson showed that companies must engage directly with customers Now this book lays out the increasingly sophisticated strategies companies must deploy to create shape and sustain their brand message in this new Storytizing e.

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Bob Pearson ô 7 Download Download Storytizing 107 Nd messages proliferate and who helps shape them Using interviews anecdotes and lessons generated through his vast experience with Fortune 500 leaders Pearson shows how firms can identify the customers and trends that shape their brand's story Through those insights Storytizing will help companies Develop an Audience Architecture that provides a predictive view of how to align your story with your audience as well as show how messages evolve in real time Use sophisticated tools and big data to segment the market.

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