(The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity) [E–book] ç Jeffrey J. Bütz

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  • The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity
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  • 26 March 2018
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summary The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity 108 He virgin birth and James is also a symbol of Christian teachings that have been obscured While Peter is traditionally thought of as the leader of the apostles and the “rock” on which Jesus built his church Jeffrey Bütz shows that it was James who led the disciples after the crucifixion It was James not Peter who guided them through the Church's first major theological crisis Paul's interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Using the canonical Gospels writings of the Church Fathers and apocryphal texts Bütz argues that James is the most overlooked figure in the history of the Ch. The reader won t miss anything should they begin this book at pg 104 unless you are not familiar with the scripture of the bible in which case read your bible firstThroughout the first half of the book atleast up to the beginning of chapter sixthe author weaves in and out of the proverbial bush dancing to the fiddles and flutes of scholars with what culminates in an unyielding display of academic posturing and intellectual sport More than discovering or divulging anything of concrete interest Butz instead occupies the first 100 pages by peddling the analyses of other academics complete with their inherent tendency to parade suppositions on what inevitably adds up to nought but long distance political commentaryIn the later half of the

characters The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of ChristianityThe Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity

summary The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity 108 Urch He shows how the core teachings of Jesus are firmly rooted in Hebraic tradition; reveals the bitter battles between James and Paul for ideological supremacy in the early Church; and explains how Paul's interpretations which became the foundation of the Church are in many ways its betrayal Bütz reveals a picture of Christianity and the true meaning of Christ's message that are sometimes at odds with established Christian doctrine and concludes that James can serve as a desperately needed missing link between Christianity Judaism and Islam to heal the wounds of centuries of enmit. This book achieves what it sets out to do provide an account and analysis of all references to James the brother of Jesus found in early Christian literature The chapters that go through all references in the New Testament Canon extra Canonical sources as well as any references in the early church fathers are all interesting and worth reading The author is correct that by doing this you can achieve insight into early Christianity as a whole and the tensions between Jewish Christianity and Gentile Christianity shortly after the death of Jesus Along the way there are discussion on broad historical topics and other characters in early Christianity It is hard to find a book that talks about James at such lengthIt is not however a complete tre

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summary The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity 108 Reveals the true role of James the brother of Jesus in early Christianity • Uses evidence from the canonical Gospels apocryphal texts and the writings of the Church Fathers to reveal the teachings of Jesus as transmitted to his chosen successor James • Demonstrates how the core message in the teachings of Jesus is an expansion not a repudiation of the Jewish religion • Shows how James can serve as a bridge between Christianity Judaism and Islam James has been a subject of controversy since the founding of the Church Evidence that Jesus had siblings contradicts Church dogma on t. I would definitely recommend this book I did enjoy this book and it will definitely lead to reading but Mr Butz s final chapter is hokey and sentimental ie his hope that in re examining things the book deals with might lead to a peace between the three great western religions his phrase not mine Judaism Christianity and Islam Professor and Lutheran minister Butz is clearly writing his message to an American university audience as evidenced in several places He is entitled to his opinion but I don t think the arguments in the book support his final comments I must state up front that I am a Christian who doesn t believe in the Virgin Birth let alone the belief held by Roman Catholicism in the perpetual virginity of Jesus mother Mary