[New] (Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1)) AUTHOR P.T. Hylton

  • Paperback
  • 244
  • Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1)
  • P.T. Hylton
  • English
  • 11 April 2020
  • 9781497399488

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Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1) Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1) 107 Free read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB í P.T. Hylton Has been missing for seven years a fact no one bothered to share with Frank His fun loving buddy Will is now a somber man known for his violent enforcement of the town’s bizarre new laws Frank’s sister in law Christine has a freezer chest cont. Whoa I enjoyed this book way than I expected to There are so many different elements to the story that I don t uite know where to place the genre I can say it reminded me a little bit of Wayward Pines but better So glad I took a chance and bought the trilogy

Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1)

Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1)

Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1) Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1) 107 Free read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB í P.T. Hylton Frank Hinkle is thrilled when he is unexpectedly released from prison but after a few days in his hometown he’s going to wish he had stayed safely behind bars Things have changed in Rook Mountain Tennessee since Frank went away His brother Jake. I ve been trying to get through all the books on my Kindle that I had downloaded from It s slow but steady progress but the disappointing thing is that all of them are 1 or 2 stars full of the same tropes and clich s that make my eyeballs vomitBut Regulation 19 was a wonderful change The writing is competent and at the beginning incredibly compelling to keep you reading The characters are fine nothing really special but they aren t annoying self obsessed YA teenagers and that is fantasticThe plot is revealed slowly bit by bit but unfortunately I found parts of the plot a little ridiculous and lacklustre It isn t wholly uniue but it has excellent imaginative parts mostly at the beginning The latter parts especially when the Tools are introduced didn t feel as well developed as it could have been It is disappointing how the book progressed but the writing is excellent throughout and although the characters weren t that developed or interesting it was their story as a group that mattered rather than who they were as individualsIt s an interesting book that falters toward the end a little with a couple of grammatical errors and typos here and there and a few paragraphs could have been condensed or removed altogether but ultimately the fact it is compelling enough to keep you reading is a nice change from a lot of books you get on the kindleThis is the first book of a trilogy and whilst this book does have a kind of ending with an almost imperceptible cliffhanger it does lead you to read the next two even if you re not uite sure what they re going to be about unlike most other trilogies A little editing some shifting of paragraphs and maybe a rethink of some elements like the Tools and some of the terms being used and it would be elevated to a very good book

Free read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB í P.T. Hylton

Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1) Free read Regulation 19 (Deadlock #1) 107 Free read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB í P.T. Hylton Aining a collection of illegal objects and a severed head As Frank will soon learn the only thing worse than being in Rook Mountain is being outside of it Outside of town is where the Unfeathered sing their terrible song and wait for night to fall. A convicted murderer is released from prison so he can help the authorities track down his brother Then it gets weirdThis is one of those stories that s difficult to talk about without giving too much away There is a great mystery here and lots of interesting characters There are conspiracies scary creatures and plenty of action The back and forth between the before and the after of some strange event is great drips of the past add color to the now The objects in the story put me in mind of the wonderful 2006 Sci Fi miniseries The Lost Room That was cool The main antagonist made me think of Randall Flagg in The Stand It s been years since I read that book so I can t say for sure if it s a good comparison but that s who I thought of Maybe Gabriel Byrne in End of Days is better Either way he s charismatic but you just know something is out of whack I would recommend to fans of Blake Crouch s Wayward Pines series there s a similar dark mysterious feel here