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Free download The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor Download ò The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Es in an arena for the townspeople’s amusement or chopping off the appendages of those who cross him The Governor was voted “Villain of the Year” by Wizard magazine the year he debuted and his story arc was t. Rise of the Governor was an okay and interesting audio book The pace was all over the pace to me though The first half of this book was moving so agonizingly slow for me It could ve been because I was at work and honestly didn t want to be there for 8 hours or it could ve been that narrator was so meh I couldn t concentrate long enough in the beginning that I definitely had to back track a couple of timesThen the action got better The zombies got crazier and deader if that s a thing Phillip was probably the craziest character I ve ever been introduced for Pretty sure he raped like two girls in this entire book But don t uote me on that Then there was Penny who was his daughter I absolutely loved Penny but what happened to her was completely predictableNow the one thing that I didn t predict was Brian I didn t see him becoming the Governor No I saw Phillip slowly coming into that role However that wasn t the only thing that left me surprised Nope Penny was still being held captive Yes she is still a zombie which is weird and freaky to me I get that everyone loved this little girl but damn she s dead She should be actually dead now Not kept like a petOverall the pacing threw me for a loop The action got better towards the end So many unexpected deaths throughout the book too I hope that the second book will be a lot better Please have a faster pace

Free download The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor

The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor

Free download The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor Download ò The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook He most controversial in the history of the The Walking Dead comic book series Now for the first time fans of The Walking Dead will discover how the Governor became the man he is and what drove him to such extremes. Okay I am a HUGE zombie fan I have also been collecting the Walking Dead comic book since issue 2 and when I first heard about this novel I was excited Kirkman explores the deeper thoughtsfeelingsissues of a z apocalyptic world via the comic and now the TV show and I thought a novel would allow him to really sink his teeth into the material Also he has never not in comics or TV dealt with the early days of the epidemicIf you haven t ever read the comic but are a fan of apocalyptic fiction then you MIGHT like this book It s not badly written per se There are a couple of points where they really built suspense up for example However it is definitely not worth the price of a hardcover Wait until it s in paperback the ebook goes down or just check it out of your libraryNow if you re a fan of the Walking dead you re going to be disappointed Now I m sure there are fanboys out there that will attack me for saying that but give it time A couple of years from now even the most hardcore fanboys will be ashamed of it Major SPOILERSIf you heard that this novel will cover the early days of the outbreak you heard wrong Little is covered about the initial outbreak Instead we jump a few days into the z plague with them just hiding in a house and then uickly fast forward weeks into it We don t hear about how it spreads You d think that starting with the characters seeing their first walking corpse would be a big moment in a book like this but it isn t Heck I don t even think they covered it So let me reiterate this novel adds nothing about the spread of the zombie plague EXCEPT them describing how television and radio stations go off air Fine chalk it up to writer s license Maybe Kirkman and Bonansinga the authors didn t want to deal with those time periods That s okay Let s move on to the meatThe Governor is one of the most vile characters in the comic book medium because his actions are horrendous He is evil The comic deals with him torturing and raping a woman It deals with him holding gladiatorial style games where people fight off zombies to entertain the masses of the Woodbury community He orders the killing of women and children The frickin title of this book is Rise of the Governor The blurb on the back of the dustcover is In The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor the world will finally understand what drove Phillip Blake to become The GovernorGuess what It s a lie You do not learn what drove Phillip Blake to become the Governor You don t learn what turns an average law abiding citizen into such a monstrous being Oh and want to learn the bigger lie BIGGEST SPOILER Phillip Blake doesn t become the Governor It s his lame ass asthmatic brother who only kills one zombie nearly accidentally in the whole book and later only kills one man Plot twist It was a cop out What motivations would brother Brian have for his monstrous actions in the comic The lame ass ones the book give are not believable I didn t care about the characters Phillip was the most interesting but he is killed off for the surprise ending leaving us with a character who is still a wimp The authors try to wring out his motivation for his evil personality in a two or three page description of him losing it and going insane Seriously

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Free download The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor Download ò The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In the The Walking Dead universe there is no greater villain than the Governor The despot who runs the walled off town of Woodbury he has his own sick sense of justice whether it's forcing prisoners to battle zombi. Realizing there wasn t enough horror in my reading world and being a fan of The Walking Dead tv show I figured a book based on the backstory of one of the franchise s most notorious characters was a safe bet for some good reading I was correct Rise of the Governor is wall to wall anus puckering tension and heart thumping action The author s workman like prose powers the story forward at an almost non stop pace jesus there s a lot of dashes going on here from beginning to endAnd what an end I was legitimately bamboozled by a nice twist the author added It was necessary to my overall enjoyment I mean it would ve been a dang good book without it but with it Rise of the Governor is elevated a notch or two in my overall estimation