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  • 09 June 2019
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Sanctuary Summary Á 104 Read Sanctuary “Omegas for alphas and betas for betas” Ori and Patton have been best friends since they were pups But growing up changes everything Ori must settle on an alpha to mate while Patton takes on the beta's work of maintaining the walled enclave their pack lives within They try to make the best of it until a wealthy suitor comes calling for Ori and they realize neither of them can face a future without the other And on a moo. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by the authorThis book is everything I love about shifters and mpreg and Due to the many teasers the author gave on her facebook group I was prepared to be blown away by the book but that still didn t prepare me for the emotional ride I just got off from Right from the beginning to the end I felt as if I couldn t relax and breathe calmly for fear of some major wrong event occuring to prevent my dear Ori and Patton to reach the sanctuary they so deserved after the pain they both went through due to being separated from each otherTheir friendship romance courting and finally their HEA were such detailed parts that by the time I reached the end I was so invested that I could feel phantom pain and exhaustion along with them Having a cute game to start off the book and have them have their peace with the support of so many pups and adults was like coming back full circle But the journey to get there was full of thorns and broken pieces of glass to walk onThe romance between Patton and Ori is one of the sweetest and most innocent that I ve ever read It was sweet and pleasing to see them sticking close to each other even when they were fumbling to make sense of their situation It tugged at my heart effortlessly and efficientlyI admire Patton for his courage and being uick on his feet when it came to providing freedom for Ori and I love Ori for being so loving and supportive to Patton Theirs was a match made in heavenI really do wish we get to know about what happens next to have Ori safely among them and I really wish Felix White River to have his HEA nextEager to hear about the next book from this world

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Sanctuary Summary Á 104 Read Sanctuary E bringing to the enclave's doorstep may be than those already beset shifters are willing to bear Finding out Ori is pregnant makes their mission that much urgent Omegas never mate with betas let alone have pups with them If their pack finds the two lovers they'll be separated forever But the pack never reckoned with the determination of a beta in love or the stubbornness of an omega determined to keep his mate and his baby. I ve been loving the Mercy Hills series and Sanctuary was no different I really enjoyed this story I thought it was great how these two young men fought against the norms of their community It was a sweet romance full of struggle and caring between Ori and Patton I look forward to the next story and hope to hear a bit about these two I would definitely recommend this book And give it 45 out 5 stars

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Sanctuary Summary Á 104 Read Sanctuary Nless night Ori and Patton escape over the enclave walls breaking both shifter and human law in their determination to reach the sanctuary of Mercy Hills Hunted by their own people and forced into a dangerous masuerade among the humans their original plan so simple and direct turns into a twisted path toward a promise of freedom that might not even exist Because Mercy Hills doesn't know they're coming and the trouble they'r. 35 stars